Fri 12 April 2019 | 11:00 am - 2:00 pm
Ram Bam Medical Center - Ram Bam, Tel Aviv,

Soon Pesach and it means party! Burn the chametz from the dishes and you are welcome!

Friday at Nahalat Binyamin, the hottest place for a funk party like the only one the barry can do!

Let’s dance, rejoice, nod your head and shout YEAH Unleashed

Who are we?
The Hardby Bigband is a punk ensemble of 18 musicians performing rhythmic and punk arrangements of punk pieces as well as original pieces and arrangements.

The rumors about Barry Hard began in the late 1990s. They say he was the toughest guy he ever set up, but no one ever saw him.
Some say he played drums for Buddy Rich in the 1950s, others said he was a Chicago mobster who secretly played alto saxophone in the Quincy Jones band.

We do not know who he is, all we know is that we are the Barry Hard Big Bend.

Anyone who wants to see some of the madness that was there is invited to look here:

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