Mon 1 October 2018 | 4:00 pm - 11:59 pm
Kiryat Tivon - Kiryat Tivon, Kiryat Tivon,

At the end of the Sukkot holiday, just before we return to our routine, we decided to pick up a party like we love

Perfect location
A large, shady pecan orchard, the kind of fun in which it’s fun to be in the afternoon

We picked up a winup that knows how to give and pick up exactly where it should be, and all that plus a good sound system

And of course if you are already starting early, then the little ones are also invited happily so we took care of the corners of creativity and other fun activities, so that everyone can find his place

Come up and come

Rasta Airlines –
Yaya and Roi, two sound artists and veteran collectors of music, with an emphasis on the Black Continent and Jamaica, are also known for their fondness for anal and warm sounds. This time they will open the party with music that will fit the ball for the afternoon and Good will splash and air in the air

Yoav Saban Dj Yoav Saban –
The man and the smile, which always brings with him joy and elation wherever he plays.
Yoav knows how to skillfully take the plaza to a colorful trip between rhythms and sounds from all over the globe, and surprise with passages that move the body and the heart at the same time

Itay Tzur –
The trio of the DJ and music ensemble “Libra Discotheque” has been absorbed for years at parties and festivals in Israel and abroad.
With tribal rhythms loaded with percussion as he likes, Itai will continue the party into the night with an energetic combination of organic and electronic

Monday from 1.10 pm to 4 pm into the night

In the pecan grove opposite the entrance to the antiquities site – Beit She’arim caves
Entrance fee – 60 NIS
Children over 3 years old – 30 NIS
Maximum price per family – 180

+ Juggling corner, soap bubbles, creative corners and interior paintings – at no additional cost
+ Corners inexpensive abound. Also invited to bring your own mat, there is a full place
+! Delicious and nutritious food of “Luffy” and Elad from Keshet. Yummy
+ Bar at friendly prices
+ Please bring a personal drinking glass and help us keep the environment

!נתראה במטע

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