Mon 28 October 2019 | 9:30 pm - 11:00 pm
Hoodna Bar - Abarbanel 13, Tel Aviv,

Baba Ganesh is back at the Hoodna 
28.10 – Monday

Millions of years ago, the Indian subcontinent and the Arabian Peninsula broke away from Africa. After the Indian mainland was cut off in the sea, Asia collided with a collision that created the Himalayas. To this day the continents share the elephant – the same elephant considered sacred in Indian culture.
Determined to bridge the species of elephants, Baba Ganesh members also set out to explore the relationship between the Raja and Macam, the South Indian Talas and the rhythmic circuits of West Africa, and the Masala and Khwaj.
All this in combination with lots of groove, improvisation and energies that make the journey a bursting party .. as a real journey should be.
The members of the band are a fine team of experienced musicians who come from backgrounds of Indian music, Andalusian and classical Arabic music, jazz, fank and treble.

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