Fri 26 July 2019 | 11:30 am - 5:30 pm
Papaito - Derech Salame 29, Tel Aviv,

Cities? We have a festival for you. Toward the end of July, we meet in the amazing space of the papaya for a daily colorful, Indian, urban, artistic, vegan and stunning lunch festival (we can continue with the superlatives forever) from Mama Lina. We are really excited to host the band Malbi Tropical, which is about the most fun ensemble in the city, with a performance that is actually a Latin party, special rhythms, sweeping smiles, groove mountains and a variety of special instruments from accordion, conga, bouzouki, saxophone, You just do not want to miss it. It’s very simple.

About the food and production – Mama Lina Ba Li Tali An organic vegan kitchen in Florentine, win over your palate with a variety of Indian street foods (Fanni Puri, divine samosas, Momo, pies, pastries …) and legendary Tali and Pampered, And Ace, Banufi, RAW desserts and other treats with lots of soul, served with ecological tools and a smile. (H)

The composition -Malabi Tropical – The Melby Tropical band, which is actually a lush Latin groove party, with a host of special instruments, four talented musicians, and too much humor and atmosphere. We are so excited to bring you to pick up our papa in the air …
Uri Ida – Vocals Accordion and Cherango Uri Yida Kombina
Itamar Raviv – Bass and Buzuki Itamar Raviv
Dvir Golan – Saxophone and Guitar Dvir Golan
Nitzan Ashores – Percussion Nitzan Aroshas

About music and flying – he’s handsome, his smile can bring the sun, and he’s talented at hysterical levels! Earth Connect is Itzik LancianoA wonderful artist who creates pleasant, caressing tones of dantampo that combine sounds of nature, rise and fall and make Naimi throughout the body. Itzik will come to us for the first time in a very long set of 5 hours, mostly original music! Do not miss this magic.

Place – Fafaito papaito is a performance space and rehearsal rooms of the largest and oldest in the city, he interpreted the vast space of several hundred meters, and is divided into inner space is air conditioned, and a huge yard indoor and wraps, with sound spaces, full of cheap Area, alcohol and even juices.

The workshop is organized by the Hollow
-Hop Flow, a dance with a hoop taught by Atalia HachamoThe beauty! Atalia is a dancer, fitness instructor, yogic, skier and, most importantly, an old veteran, who hovers around the world with her hoop, performing on stage and giving lessons. She will come to teach you a combinatorial exercise that will be suitable for beginners as well as more complex exercises for progress. It is recommended to reserve a place and equip yourself with a hoop! There will also be a place. Let your body and soul be released in a circular motion and connect with your child. Free registration for Atalia.

Cam Didi! Luke My Shop, Manny Manny Tinges! Stalls so to speak:

Maggie fox festivals older drugs in the country with the best brand special tribal region Gipsy roots Collection jewelry Bohemian style, natural fabrics, Sftomim Special personal design, macrame and a variety of special items.

The Gift from The Ocean stand is a sea-inspired jewelry and decoration, hand-made and with lots of love. Dream catchers in a variety of colors and sizes, jewelry with crystals and magical stones, and other special decorations for the home. There will also be handcrafted jewelry with silver and gold field plating for men and women. Are invited to Instagram pages:

Handmade macrame jewelry with a variety of necklaces, earrings special, and artwork yarns and gems – If you have dreadlocks do not miss out on her perfect dreadlocks! Everything is handmade!

India Style – A glittering stand that offers the public a variety of new designs of handmade high quality handmade brass jewelry from India, resistant to contact with water. Bracelets, necklaces and pendants, stunning rings, some of which are combined with stones. And the hot – skinned vegan shoes are especially comfortable in a variety of colors and sizes that come straight from Rajasthan in northern India. All at super prices are accessible!

Sub-SAR shirts – a new project by the artist Sa’ar, who connects you to his subconscious art through fashion – art through the subconscious that is done under deep meditation at an affordable price. In addition – the possibility to suit each person his own subconscious shirt – And an idea – and Sa’ar will do the rest. Look at this particular project –

Our beloved Ryan with the brand Durga Adama A collection of tribal jewelry combined with crazy feathers, long and tribal earrings with macrame beads and special stones.

Even the sweet Atalia Mekler comes back to us with its reality stall – cheap second hand clothes and accessories are worth and feel like new!

Besides, we will soon be publishing the rest of the activities, the procedure, there will be floo and juggling workshops, a DJ, an artists’ fair with plenty of local and original art, a white painting, hoops, cheap seating, and many more luxurious surprises. So, better than ever, do not miss the opportunity to see history in the making, to chat with us, to bite samosi, and to embrace existence.
Mark Going, tag friends, and help us spread this happiness.
26.7 in Papaio. Solomon through 29.

Doors open 11:30 (admission free first half hour and last, then broke up into a symbolic NIS 15) Nmstos Jul.

Line-up –
11:30 – Opening Doors (free admission to 12) and DJ setEarth Connect
12:30 Hula Hoop Workshop with Atalia.
14:30 Live performance and a rhythmic party with Malabi Tropical – Malbi Tropical
16:00 Itzik Lanciano springing set
17:00 All remaining food (if left) at 50%
17:30 Go home or pick up a broom 🙂


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