Fri 15 February 2019 | 11:30 am - 5:30 pm
Papaito - Derech Salame 29, Tel Aviv,

Ahoy and Nimstosh! We have not met for too long … After a particularly quiet January without a fair, we are happy to inform you that we missed, and we are returning big time!
The most colorful and happy monthly festival in the city comes to pick up the papaya, mid-February, we will dress the Papaito in India with a variety of colors, flavors, fragrances and sounds. On stage, the shamanic-psychedelic ensemble GAYLA !!! Live in a show that is between a journey and a trance party! More surprising sketches, workshops, a vegan farmer’s market with special brands from all over the country, and of course Mama-Lina’s hysterical Indian food will make you cozy in the stomach and heart. Get it in a long dig:

The food at the place – Mama Lina Ba Li Tali Organic vegan cuisine in Florentine, with plenty of Indian street foods (Fani Puri, Momo, Samosas) and legendary Tali, Banufi, perfect vegetarian chai, chocolate balls, pastries and more … Everything is warm, fresh, vegan, seasoned with love and masala, served by angelic-talis with a smile with ecological tools! In addition, there will be more booths of food to be hosted as part of the farmers market!

On stage – the amazing band GAYLA will take you on a shamanic journey that combines sounds of nature, tribal tunes, and a hypnotic trance party in the heart. An experience you really should not miss! Players:
Yarden Biton – drums
Omri Memory – Percussion
Or Feiner – Bass
Beautiful Saar – Guitar
Maayan Stein – flute
Abigaila Merrius – Poetry
Amit Ohayon – Didger

For heating, TOTEM is Amit Ohayon in a wide range of styles, pure bass and psychedelia with the reinforcement of Live fishing that will charm you and bring you into the atmosphere.

About the music throughout the event – before and after the performance, Eitan G Force will be recorded for us for the first time. The sweet Ethan Jay Porres, besides being a talented artist and tattoo artist, is also one of the founders of our favorite parties Pashtoota breaks Brix has a rich, varied and eclectic collection of music. He will catch a long 5-hour set that will travel between Passei Dove and Glitchhope to the punk ghetto, full of surprises.

On the spark of joy in the heart – Anati Hoop The stunning, multi-hopping champion, and an amazing and experienced spell, will bring you all a hula-hoop workshop open to the general public! The workshop will be divided into two parts: in the first part – a beginners base – even if you have never tried you are welcome, in the second part a combination and advanced exercises. For the benefit of our amazing community of inventions.
Come smile like children, work all over your body and develop attention, coordination and healthy posture! Because Hoola-hop does all this. And also great pelvic muscles. Check it out.

About the Farmers’ Market – Every few months we host manufacturers of excellent vegan products that we love from all over the country and are carefully chosen to the highest standards. Among the stalls you will enjoy real cocoa chocolate, desserts, gourmet pastries, breads, desserts and more … For the brands to take part this time:

Aso Our beloved Aso-Aso are the best manufacturers in Israel for special spreads and equal jams. Just like that, from far away Jerusalem, full of love and passion, Aso comes to us with their special and loved spreads with special ingredients and flavors and combinations surprising. Aso-Aso

The Cocoa Temple of Florentine • COCO – Vegan Chocolate & Cacao Temple • Come to us with the sweetest shop in the city: lots of chocolates, truffles and other treats, all with quality ingredients, natural cocoa, Vegan Chocolate & Cacao Temple •

Shula Bread – Breads made from organic veggies made from organic flour – without white flour, yeast, sugar or other bad ingredients. The most delicious and freshest there is.

On the color (Cam Diddy, Luke My Shop, Manny Manny Tinges) Ostrich Stalls:

Ranked Earth – Ryan’s Tribal and Hypnotic Jewelry Stand, influenced by nature and indo culture. All handmade, natural materials, with a variety of unique feathers that came naturally, macrame jewelry, precious stones and more. Geek: Durga Adama

India Style – Meital Davidi’s colorful colorful stand with a variety of imported oriental bargains, special jewelry and amazing Rajasthan dolls that have become a symbol.

henna tattoos! From the home of the artist Avigail Meyerson – who will free whatever you wish with a free hand. Abigail’s henna paintings

Sweet Esther comes to us again with her surprise stand – a second hand, a special vintage collection of clothes, ornaments, jewelry and more. Ester Pinhas

Bohemian and tribal jewelry combined with macrame, copper wire, wood burning, crystals and castings with plants. Handcrafted and every item is one of a kind
In addition to jewelry, glass mats with engraved paintings on wood from MakaRoni

On the Avenue – the papaito Papaya is a huge space, a concert bar, and rehearsal rooms of the highest and oldest in the city. We take over the entire space, which includes a closed air-conditioned concert area, and a huge outdoor patio with hysterical space to go wild, to chill, fly or lie down. A quality alcohol bar and amazing people.

****** At the entrance, you will be able to redeem 15 NIS symbols that come directly to the wonderful artists who appear at the event (free children, half an hour,
11:30 Open Doors (Free to 12) DJ Set, Snacks, Mingling and Atmosphere.
13:00 Hoola hop workshop with my stunning ass
Totem – Live.
15:00 Gaila – Leib
16:00 Funk and punk ghetto set
17:00 Free entrance and all food left by 50% if left. And that is if.
17:30 They go home or do koko cleaning and lifting a wiper.

More stalls, workshops, surprises and magic will be listed here later.
In the meantime, Guing is calling for friends because you are pure souls who want to please us and India and the quirks of fun and soul. Let’s create a viral buzz together!
Let’s say that time will pass quickly by then.
Namaste and full of love in the meantime.

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