Thu 15 March 2018 | 11:30 am - 5:30 pm
Papaito - Derech Salame 29, Tel Aviv, 15 NIS

Namaste and I Happy Purim Y’all! A week before Purim, we are meeting another colorful, mesmerizing, hysterical festival from Ba Li Tali, Modesty and Productions Ltd.
The entire festival will be marked by a Purim atmosphere, the ensemble will be raised with closed eyes to the stage, the stalls will be Purim stalls with special handmade costumes, echoes of fringes, exaggerated jewelry, full of color, the atmosphere will be hot and we will all drink until we know! Great?

Get it with more details:

About the food – Mamma Lina Li Tali has an organic vegan kitchen in Florentine, with a variety of Indian street foods (Fanni Purim! Sorry we had to.) Tali is rich, with landscapes, hot chai, hysterical samosas, Momo, desserts and other treats. Eat somewhere and take home!

About the concert – Blind Orchestra
Concept Original and innovative improvisation for conductor and blindfold band. A fascinating and fascinating journey into the unknown; Sometimes moving, sometimes dancing, sometimes funny. It all depends on the moment, space, musicians and Wave.
Over the years, the project has hosted some 300 musicians from all over the world, and has performed dozens of performances and workshops in Israel and abroad, each of which has a new ensemble of 8 improvisation wizards, all of whom play with eye coverings, apart from the conductor. And when to stop, with the help of a wand, the musicians do not know when they will play and the conductor does not know what they will play with the innovative idea.
The project is headed by Dov Balo Rosen, a musician, artist and producer known in Israel as one of the founders of theAngelcy and La Dubim.

Get them in applause – dream team members:
Uri Marom (theAngelcy)
Nadav Fast (Forrest, Stavi) Violin Nadav Fast
Aviv Ezra percussion, Vocals Aviv Ezra
Eden Nir (Forsett) Guitar
Tomer Mash (neolia, ex Groove Ambassadors)
Ben Dagovitch
Dov Balu (theAngelcy, not bears)
Read more … Stress.

Before and after the performance, the DJ will be the DJ in the city, DJ RESH, who is one of the founders of the favorite nature party, Pashuta Toota, will come to us for a very long set that combines Glitch Hop, Psy Chill and lots of shakes! fun!

The event will open an interactive Food Games Quest in the Indian atmosphere!
what’s in plan? A funny Purim food game stand sponsored by Mama Lina and the food
Children and children in the heart, prepare the senses because we need you sharp, creative and determined!
What is PodGames
A social game with content of sustainable nutrition in the form of cooking competition for amateurs, with surprises, judges, prizes and a variety of veiled vegetables

The color, the costumes, and the art at the fair;

The Redhead Marina – Our favorite fund-raiser comes in an Inspirala Boutique hat with the most exclusive costumes, with the most original and original hats and hdds, all from natural and original raw materials, and in the work of this talented monster. Marina Kushnir

Alina Maria Deoxy, the sexiest kitten in the city, will also come with its perfect designs, 100 percent full-length costumes full of twinkle, fabulous fabrics and all the best glam. Deoxy Designs

A second hand from Perforumer – one of the most colorful and unique girls in the city comes to us for the first time and opens her closet full of special items, performance clothes, Purim pies, and more … Yael Di Along with her comes the stunning rustle Amit Kenigsberg with real handmade silver rings at affordable prices , Responsibility! 💍 Gemstones combined with stunning design.

The costume warehouse – Tal’s costume warehouse and Noa Tal and Noa will open up their collection of private costumes. Original and unique costumes that they have collected and created over the years. The collection includes costumes and special items for women and men from all over the world.

The stunning Ryan Durga Adama with macrame work and fancy feather jewels that will add tachohammy to all Luke. (Not even on Purim!)

And also our beloved Maayan Osho Jewelry with its favorite brand, and a host of unique jewelry in handmade tribal designs combined with precious stones, gold and silver.

Tehilim and Amit – Colorful and colorful second stand For the Purim holiday, you can find a variety of special items at low prices for every pocket Amit Chalbali Taheli Teram

Yaali’s closet – secondhand clothes in excellent condition (some of which have never been used), designer clothes, vintage, unique details and brand clothes that we all love. There will be both summer and winter and items that may be suitable for Purim. Yael Loolibear Levy

And Moran, a fashionist and stylist comes with a vintage collection of vintage and second hand with the aromas of abroad: London, Berlin, Spain and more …
The prices are social and there are a variety of different and sundry items
So a moment before Purim … or a concept party or just because you want to be renewed with some casual clothes but with a twist for everyday you just find me and I’ll take care of the rest ….

Last but not least – Tatooim / Delusions – Temporary tattoos Delusions are temporary tattoos from water stickers that stay on the body for a week and look like the real thing. Easy to paste home and remove with oil and alcohol. Do not induce or cause allergic reaction. Great designs for the holiday and a lot of intriguing paintings.

In the meantime, Guing checked out and invited friends, and prepared to prepare for our Purim at the most colorful fair in Florentine.

At the entrance you will be separated from 15 NIS (half an hour first and last is free)
line up:
11:30 Opening doors, DJ set, DJ RESH, Mingling, food and stalls
11:45 The beginning of the Food Gyms, a social and ecological food game open to everyone!
14:30 Live Concert Blind Orchestra
16:00 Funky set DJ and jump!
17:00 All food remaining at 50%
17:30 Whoever remains last makes dishes.

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