Mon 25 March 2019 | 8:30 pm - 11:30 pm
ZOA - Daniel Frisch Street 1, Tel Aviv,

Daniel Amit is a real multi-talent: a singer, guitarist and piano player, songwriter and comedian. Daniel is also a proud autistic.
In the show Daniel tells his story, shares his fears and dreams by presenting his comic stories and performing songs for himself and others. From a personal point of view, he shares and opens a window into the hidden world of those living with autism, and seeks to change incorrect stigmas about them.

~ I just left your performance together, was very great and exciting, I was fascinated by the songs, the absolute musical ability, and your fascinating lecture, well done !!! You are a source of inspiration for everyone

~ Towards the end of the show, when Daniel invited the audience to ask questions, a 12 year old boy rose in the crowd and expressed solidarity with Daniel – “I also have autism”
Until that evening, he had not known there were others like him.
Only this performance alone contributed to his own understanding, and somewhat relieved his loneliness.
You can talk about autism, talk about autism, and talk about autism
And you can also find a suitable answer

~ Anyone who thinks that knows, anyone who wants to know and is interested:
A real, moving, full of knowledge and a brightening of Daniel Amit’s life.
As a mother of two autistic people, the show gave me a lot. Highly recommend

~ Embrace the variance. Grow and grow thanks to it.
What fun we have the privilege of getting to know a little more deeply. Daniel Amit is exceptionally gifted.
worth to see

~. The article was amazing. I, as a high-functioning autistic person, feel that Daniel is an amazing representation of what I feel. I cried over the article excitedly. I would not have described what Daniel had said. Daniel Amit I want to say thank you that you show the world that autistics can be like everyone else if they are given the tools.

Daniel Amit is a musician, caricaturist and a proud autistic: Daniel Amit’s disability did not prevent him from being a prolific artist, who at the age of 22 has already produced two books and performed a performance with his songs.

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