Thu 21 March 2019 | 9:00 pm - 11:30 pm
פאפאיתו papaito - דרך שלמה 29, Tel Aviv,

“Dada compacts all the the greatest burdens of our days under the biggest common theme there is: Nonsense…
Dada is the moral gravity of our time.

We are ready! As never before, for a splendid Carnaval, for laughter and spiritual entertainment, to the transcendental peaks of nonsense.

Maybe, along those things, we will harvest the fruit of our own minds: and empire, an empire in which even we, can still be original, either as a parody of ourselves or as clowns in the hand of god.

Its is possible that nothing today justify our existence, nothing but our laughter”.
(Nietzsche or something)

The entity invites you all to join it and celebrate something. Anything. Might be a lost of virginity, puppies, prisoners of war or replays. It doesn’t matter, it`s all just nonsense anyway. Its All DADA.

First things first till the last glass. Special spring cocktails from the original beard men.
AKA “Lionaydis and Fooftzik”

Their sweat will wet your glass while you wet your chair. Total confidintialy is aasured.
Silent films – Jazz and bullshit – Amazing space and negative G force.

Then we move on to a special prayer. Our Bishops will take their turns at the stage with a musical lineap that will turn the church up side down. 8 HOURS of pure spirtuality.

All religions are welcome – Keep your hands to yourself

Come readymade, go wild, create, evolve, discover, let go, don’t believe and open up.

* All money goes to our midburn endeavour
* Tickets are not are not sure to last
* No entry with: Rabbit ears, LED lights and dirty cups
* Me sh`LO ba. Lo ba

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