Sun 22 April 2018 | 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Beit Hanna - Ben Gurion 75, Tel Aviv,

The association “No to Growers in Kikar Atarim” aims to prevent the towers’ plan promoted by the Tel Aviv-Jaffa municipality and to promote an alternative that will benefit the city and the residents and keep the connection between the city and the sea open.
We are honored to invite you all to the festive opening of the exhibition of planning alternatives to Atarim Square.
The exhibition will include a selection of works by the best architects, each offering a different vision for the square – but all of them will learn about its great potential and see how the city can be connected to the sea in a way that we can all enjoy.

On the opening night, a panel will be held on the subject of planning approaches and concepts between the city and the sea, in which a discussion will be held on the nature of the connection between the city and the coastal strip, the importance of the sea in city life, architectural solutions and the role of the residents in planning.

After the opening night, the exhibition will be displayed in the lobby of the Olympia hotel adjacent to the square.

Look forward to seeing you all!

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