Sat 23 March 2019 | 8:00 pm - 11:59 pm
Barby - Derech Kibuts Galuyot 52, Tel Aviv, 65 NIS

Miner returns to Barbie after an unforgettable launch that all the tickets have sold out. The show will host the third generation Rasta Chai and Almog Dror who took part in the debut album which received many accolades and reviews from the hottest and most encouraging. On the bottom line, the launch of Atar Meiner’s first album was no less amazing. Meiner’s ability to create such a cohesive album and to present the songs at this level at such an early stage in his career is something that is not seen here every day or every year. He may have come to us from the pipeline, but as of the writing of these words – he is only coming up. Miner is a new breed of musician, created outside the familiar patterns. The songwriter of the hip-hop world, who is behind the scenes and on stage together. As a producer Matich adorned the local culture and experience with what is happening in the international arena, and in the unique touch he brings a soul into the computerized production. Parallel to his presence in the field and the networks, the singles found a place in Galgalatz and MTV and brought the curiosity around him to a boiling point. The bubbling came to an explosion with the release of the album in November, amazing reviews and an immediate climb to the top of the digital audio charts and from there directly to the launch of Barbi, which will be remembered as one of the highlights of the past year. As part of a boisterous scene of musicians working on the seam between the mainstream and the periphery, Meiner is a prominent voice. In the studio in downtown Allenby, he is a glittering bitsmith, spending clips on his own budget. In the album he wrote, composed and produced, he composed a generation-artistic, courageous, crazy soundtrack that deals with existential problems and questions about faith and love.

Zohar Tzalach 10tv “Atar Meiner’s new album is one of the most impressive debutants that have been heard here in recent years, and it manages to sound international but completely from here in the same breath, and it is full of local and up-to-date hymns” Matan Sharon,
“Meiner is a prophet in his city – in Tel Aviv, or at least in her southwestern part – the hip-hop crowd of Jaffa Road is in love with him – in the import of sound, in urban depression, in a scratch.” Shai Segal, Time Out
“Atar Meiner is the new hip-hop prince, sitting on his throne, surrounded by synthesizers, flashing buttons, surrounded by notes – quarters of songs that may have been typed in the Notes of the iPhone. Tal Oren, Haaretz

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