Thu 28 March 2019 | 8:30 pm - 11:50 pm
Theater Club - Yerushalaim Street, Tel Aviv,

In light of the demand and after the tickets for the show at the Mann Auditorium, the silent engines will arrive at a noisy and exciting evening at the theater club in Jaffa.

28.3 Thursday, The Theater Club, Jaffa
Opening Doors: 20:30
Start of performance: 21:30

A special performance marking the 20th anniversary of the masterpiece “Silent Engines”.

The year is 1999, just before the end of a turbulent decade – cultural, political and social, in complete isolation from the complex reality of those days, the album’s light echoed it, perhaps in the most sincere way.

Silent Engines, the third album of Assaf Amdursky Syntz perfectly between rock and roll guitars that brought home an exciting and innovative electronic adventure.

During the three years of slow cooking, Amdursky and his co-authors Ronen Bar Horin, Yuval Uri, Moshik Kop and Ohad Kusky are traveling among studios in Tel Aviv, looking for the perfect dose between a warm and moving sound and a strong statement.
In the course of the recordings, Amdursky recruits musicians Eviatar Banai, Karni Postel, Avishai Cohen, the trumpeter, Haim Laroz, Ronen Sabo, Yali Sobol, Sivan Shavit, Efrat Ben Tzur, Shoshan and Ziv Matushka. Many of the songs were written and composed during the recordings.

With an everlasting hit like “15 Minutes”, “Tenderness and Difficulty”, “Dark Dream”, “Whirlpool”, “Star” and more, the iconic album won acclaimed reviews and sales that earned Amdursky his first gold album.
“Silent Engines” has since starred in the important album charts and maintains its status as a mandatory album for all music lovers in Israel.

The tour with the release of the album set an artistic standard and produced a new one: live electronics, original video installations by Nirit Peled, bursting guitars (Ohad Kuski to be hosted) and bits that have not sunk since then.

Assaf Amdursky is one of the talented and voracious artists who grew up here. Through three decades of uncompromising work and esteemed work, his signature is evident in countless important musical works, both himself and others.
With seven solo albums and dozens of albums in his possession, Amdursky continues to innovate and stretch boundaries. His unique performances are the creative spearhead in Israel and always offer a powerful, deep and unforgettable experience.

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