Sat 15 June 2019 | 8:30 pm - 11:59 pm
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Ash Code is one of the most interesting bands leading the scene in Europe and now also in the United States. Their sound ranges from Darkwave, Cold wave and Synthpop, exciting and sweeping.
Now they are coming to Tel Aviv for the first time for an unforgettable performance!

From the press:
Oblivion LP
“It’s impossible to do anything other than to play this CD over and over again on repeat—you wont be able to just listen to it once…Thus In stating all of this, the arc of suspense of this album deserves a solid 10/10.”
Posthuman LP
“..Posthuman is also an album on which the trio searches some new paths. You’ll definitely hear some echoes of ‘Oblivion’, but Ash Code has no fear to experiment…without doubt one of the records that you have to hear this year! ”
Peek-a-boo 93/100 (BE)
Perspektive LP

“…Coldwave hasn’t sounded this rich and full-bodied since Die Selektion recently upped the ante, and like that record Perspektive has the core songwriting and gothic drama to justify its ambitious production style. Highly recommended.”
(I Die You Die)

Support show by the talented Idan Karucci!
Manic De{e}pression is the moniker of Idan Karucci , founder of the band Sophya and member of Mecano Un-Ltd.
the project is focused on the darker and more experimental and mainly analogue synth based) side of Cold Wave and is active since the mid 90s with various self released cassettes and the EP ‘pure’.
Since 2015 the project became more busy with released on OOP , Seja Records and Cold Transmission and planning a full album during 2019.

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