Sat 22 February 2020 | 11:00 am - 12:30 pm
Artport Tel Aviv - Ben Tsvi 55, Tel Aviv,

Sculptors Sophie Jungreis and Nahum Enbar in conversation with curator Vardit Gross.
About marble, stone, and the carvings in between.
In conjunction with the exhibition “Welcome to Jaffa”.

“Welcome to Jaffa” brings together works by three artists who have been living and working in Jaffa for decades.

All working in sculpture, Uri Eliaz, Sophie Jungreis and Nachum Enbar recreate spirit out of matter, breathing life into statues made of wood and stone. With solid materials as their starting point, they create images that respond to matter, exploring and working with it to eventually bring out its true essence and story.

It was following Artport’s recent relocation some months ago that we have gotten to know these artists. The move into our new location, on Ha’amal Street, came with enthusiasm at this new neighborhood. After five years of activity on Ben Zvi Road, on premises that were relatively cut off, we found ourselves at the very heart of the local art scene. Together with our proximity to the many contemporary art galleries and artist studios that have flourished in the area in the past decade, we were happy to discover senior artists who have been working in South Tel Aviv and Jaffa for decades.

“Welcome to Jaffa” presents just several of these artists we met on our way, three who have dedicated whole careers to an art that hasn’t always found its way to Tel Aviv’s museums and galleries; artists who have been working in Jaffa for decades, taking note as the art world grew increasingly distant, having moved in other directions.

As a residency program that targets young and mid-career artists, we are excited to welcome in artists who, of an older generation, have long been based in Jaffa and South Tel Aviv – long before we came along.

Uri Eliaz (1931, Israel) presents over 60 wooden sculptures made of scraps and residue he has been collecting on the beach in Jaffa since the 1970s.

Nachum Enbar (1940, Israel) presents “The Sculptor and His Sculpture”, a series of stone sculptures chiseled directly in stone, by hand, together with drawings that accompany the series.
Sophie Jungreis (Israel) presents softly-shaped sculptures made in stone, abundant in curves, body parts and unexpected superimpositions.

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