Sat 24 August 2019 | 11:00 am - 1:00 pm
Gallery The Shop Theater - Ha'Aliyah 31, Tel Aviv,

Store Theater Gallery is proud to present (for the fifth time!):
Popsicle – Children’s Play Festival !!

“Popsicle – a record for everything that is kind of
Popsicle – a pleasant and cold feeder at the top of the day and tomorrow”
(from an advertisement by the original Popsicle operators)

There used to be days when we would wait especially for the summer, for the great freedom, because to enjoy cold and sweet popsicles.
And here is the season, the sweet and sweet Summer Popsicle Festival is back!
We will celebrate the last week for the great freedom when every day we will host quality and refreshing children’s shows.
At the end of each play, the children and parents will receive a cold popsicle 🙂

Popsicle Festival —-> 24-30 / 8 ——> 11:00
Shop Theater Gallery | Aliyah 31 TA
Illustration and Poster Design: Doron Flem
Artistic Management Store Theater: Dawn Merom
Stage Management & Production: Gal Levinson

In the program:
Why the fish cried // 24.8
In Hila’s room there are special books that contain funny secrets and surprises about animals.
What happens to the giraffe that ties her neck? Why did the scorpion yell? Where did Ofer go? And why did the fish cry?
In colorful pop-up books created by artist Hila Plasks, a world of humor-filled imagery is revealed. Two actresses tell five stories and create a colorful and surprising three-dimensional world. The children are invited to take a look at Burla’s stories about strange animals all made of paper.

Production: The Carriage Theater According to Oded Burla
‘s Stories Hila Plashks
On Stage: Hila Plashks, Orit Mamrod
Creative Partner and Director : Daniel Cohen Levy
Art Consulting: Merit Ben Israel, Dawn Merom
Music: Dan Krager
Other lyrics and songs: Ronit Keno
Lighting: The Dembinsky Foundation

The Marzipan Fairy // 25.8
“Mick had a wonderful dream, she said I have it and I want to tell you. ”
That’s how Mick’s journey begins with Tino the Dwarf and Dad’s magic word, to the Witch-Fairy Candy Garden, who wants to find a girlfriend but doesn’t know how.
The journey of dealing with and making friends with fear is presented in a soft and funny way and even comes to its solution.
The children actively participate with song, light music and “magic word”.

From the reviews:
“I want to thank you with all your heart and heart – the show” The Marzipan Fairy “surpassed all views and fascinated children and adults alike! You managed for an hour to cut off all daily difficulties and enjoy our time”
Thair Susana, Kibbutz Mefalsim, 12/2/08

Production: The Carriage Theater
Writing and Directing: Ronnie Mossenson-Nelken
Play and Play: Natalia Rosenthal, Tamar Golomb
Design: Natalia Rosenthal
Music: Avi Benjamin

Sunday 25.8, 11am

The Hungry Sandwich // 26.8
If a sandwich can be hungry then a monster can fall in love as well. And if the man lives at home, then where does the house live?
A show about a man and woman who wanted to write a story, drifted, hovered, dived, dived, and lived happily ever after.
Puppet theater, clowns and objects, reminding us that anything can be created from anything and every invention, beginning with the game.

By: Shai Persil and Jeremy Ravon
Writing, Directing and Visual Language: Shai Persil
Design, Play and Operations: Jeremy Ravon and Shai Persil
Artistic accompaniment: Merit Ben Israel
Development and construction: Itamar Mendes Flor
Music and design Lighting: Dan Carger
Sandwich song: El toro de tu sueno / Tony Evans and His Orchestra
Speech workshop: Naomi Yuli
Production: The Theater Theater
Acknowledgments: Roni Mosenson Nelkin, Lee Shalom Shalom, Maya Stern and Beit Gat, Zvika and Galia Persil, Yarmi Freud, Alina Ashbel, Dalia Maayan.

Monday 26.8, 11:00 am

See you in Antarctica // 27.8
Musical and amusing paper theater inspired by Nurit Zarhi’s book.
A show for the whole family by and performed by Noa Becker.
Zoom, a Tel Aviv bachelor photographer who longs for a family, receives one unexpected package one day.
When the package opens it changes its life.
The story that goes on in the bustling Tel Aviv city only heightens the loneliness and desire for a warm human connection.
The play figures and the buildings are influenced by the TOY THEATER theater and the paper dolls and together with the swing music, are a tribute to the cheerful 50s.

Idea, stage directing and stage design – Noa Becker
Original Music and well-known songwriting – Geri Bunny
Illustrations – Elit Avni Sharon, Shlomi Asher, Efrat Hasson

Tuesday 27.8, 11:00 am
Tickets: lp / event / 4kixm

Bablina Glau // 28.8
Crazy Bubble Cabaret in Bathtub
Bablaina’s favorite place is the bathtub, with which she goes everywhere every day.
Not just because of her love of foam and water but mainly because of her madness for soap bubbles … In
Abelina Glau is a humorous and wordless show that celebrates the magical combination of light games,
Clowns and loads of (but loads!) Soap bubbles.

Creation and play: Lee Landed Shalom
Stage and costume design: Jasmine Volk
Lighting and bubble design: Boaz Nir Shalom

Wednesday 28.8, 11:00 am

Cactus // 29.8
The most beautiful flower garden in the world suddenly grows a cactus.
The gardener is shocked by the scandal and immediately decides to pull him out of his place
(which was not his place in the first place!) And tries to find another place for him.
Join them on a world-wide journey, gardens and insights 🙂

Creation, visual language, acting, original songs: Sharon Gabrielov
Director: Meital Raz
Decor & Costume: Jasmine Volk
Dolls: Sharon Silver Mart
Lighting and Artistic Design: Lusha Gabrielielov

Thursday, August 29, 11am

The Lost Crown // 30.8
Maybe you have seen the Fairy of the Night Fairy crown?
He was lost, and it was difficult for her to fall asleep without him.
That’s how it is for her – though she’s a big fairy already, but she’s just used to sleeping with her crown …
She finally falls asleep, and has a wonderful dream: greedy crows and a dancer, Mama Kangaroo and her bouncy daughter, love rabbits, generous trees, flying bears and drumsticks, Everyone is raving and doing tricks, eventually bringing the crown back to her! And winners too …
what do they win? Oh, for that you will have to watch the show … Together they embark on an adventure journey following the songs and objects ….

Production from the Carriage Theater
By: Efrat Hadani
Idea, Design and Operation: Efrat Hadani
Screenplay and Direction: Marit Ben Israel
Stage Design: Michal Ben Anat
Construction And Patents: Didi Oak
Music: Gustavo Bustamante
Lighting Design – Dan Kruger
Lyrics and melody for the closing song: Ronit Kano

Friday 30.8, 11am

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