Fri 31 August 2018 | 12:00 pm - 11:59 pm
Agnes Pub Levinsky - Hakishon 7, Tel Aviv,

New Group Exhibition> SAME SAME
Opening Event> Friday, 31/8/18, from 12:00 until 16:00
Closing of the exhibition: 30/9/18
* All works are offered for sale *

What defines “good” or “bad” and how two ends can complement each other?
Almost everything around us is complementary opposites like the seasons, light and darkness, man and woman, etc. If we look more deeply, we discover that in life there are actually two distinct and absolute ends, but qualities that are intertwined. Take a nature film for example; A carnivorous animal at one glance can be seen as something bad, negative and threatening, and at the same time, with a second and deeper gaze, we can develop empathy, closeness and understanding for the predatory animal that works out of survival instinct and care for the offspring. On the one hand, we are shocked by the act of hunting, and on the other hand we accept it.
The Same Same exhibition is a group art exhibition, in which we seek to examine the variety of qualities on which they can be contrasting but at the same time complement each other. The boundary between them all is so thin that sometimes it can even be assimilated and become to some extent the same.

Exhibiting Artists:
Yoni Danziger / / Effi Kishon Efi Kishon // Tamar Yadin Tamar Yadin // Erez Merah Erezoo // Ziv Samech Zivink // Keren Segal Keren Segal Art

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