Fri 7 June 2019 | 12:00 pm - 4:00 pm
Art Bouquet - Bar Kokhba 48, Tel Aviv,

– Free entrance –
Art Bouquet Art
Gallery opening event Hairdresser Tattoo studio
*** For one hour exactly 12: 00-13: 00 Tattoos and hairstyles as a gift
to give you feel and nationalists to create.
Mkakakim Edan Weiss | Klara Coral Levy | Ввгения Фельдман Book Lavi Ovadia

Solo exhibition: Oded Feingersh.
Alcohol tasting: arak, gin, brandy and more …
From the distillery of Pelter Winery to Extra Pan
on the stand: Inbar Winnie Rousso

Special refreshment for Shavuot evening from the mouth of cake. It is not obligatory to come in white.

At the beginning of June, it will open to the public, a new area of ​​Bohemian art and culture in the heart of Tel Aviv.
The 140-meter complex, located near Dizengoff Square, has been designed around the concept of Tel Aviv as a cultural city, which breeds innovative work, allowing its blossoming alongside harmony with the old and the good.
Art Boca’s space takes the visitor on a journey between the art of emotion (gallery) of passing art (art) and timeless art (tattoos), just like the Tel Aviv experience itself, a city where everything is more moving, faster, and yet more eternal. The combination with the Pelter distillery is natural, the distillery is a connecting point between the long tradition of alcohol distillation and the current and primary interpretation given by the winery, using local, high quality ingredients. Alcohol production of a new world, which preserves and respects the guidelines of the traditional alcohol world.

About the artist:
Feingersh, 81, paints the country’s landscapes from his head, and in a psychedelic form. Graduated from Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, and studied with the best artists, such as Eisenachar, Aschheim, Yaakov Pines and others.
Won the LEFRANC Prize for Young Artists, and was the first Israeli to win this prize and the Dizengoff Prize for Art.
Most of his artistic work is realistic, influenced by the pop art.
Feingersh is a graduate of the Avshalom Institute for the Study of the Land. He published thirteen books of poetry, knowledge of the land and more.
In the exhibition at Art Boca, Feingersh presents a series of paintings of 60 years of creativity. For every pocket.

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