Thu 12 April 2018 | 8:00 pm - 9:30 pm
Levontin 7 - Levontin 7, Tel Aviv, 30 NIS

In 1961 Yehiel De-Nur exposed his identity when he testified at the Eichmann trial. “What is the reason why you lost the literary name of K. Tzetnik?” Asked Attorney General Gideon Hausner. “This is not a literary name,” he told the prosecutor. “I do not see myself as a writer who writes literature, it’s a chronicle from the planet Auschwitz,” he said, fainting live on the witness stand.

True to his position, the pioneer Holocaust writer K. Czetnik (a Polish prisoner in a concentration camp) documented in his blunt books his life and the life of his family on the other planet. Among other things, he wrote about sexual abuse of children, sexual exploitation and cannibalism in the camps. He was accused of kitsch, pornography, and the glorification of death.

In 1976, suffering from nightmares, Tess K. Zetnik to Holland for an experimental treatment of LSD. – and reneged on the charge of the other planet. “I created Auschwitz,” he declared in his mystical book “The Code of ADMA,” which is a transcription of the treatments:

“I see myself, I see myself in the skull of my mother’s head, and in the flesh of my family I have fed the crematorium of Auschwitz: I am the one who burns, and I am Nucleus! “When are you, God, the Creator, and when are you God, the destroyer?”

On 12.4, on the eve of Holocaust Victims ‘and Heroes’ Remembrance Day, we will hold a special evening at Levontin 7 around the charged figure of K. And the question of our ability to understand and judge the people of the other planet. With the participation of: Ron Ben-Ari, Shahara Blau, Prof. Uri Sh. Cohen and Prof. Dan Laor. Moderator: Yiftach Ashkenazi.

Original music for K.’s texts. Zetnik: Meira Asher and Boris Marcinovsky.

At the beginning of the evening, Tom Claas’ short animated film “Journey to the Other Planet” will be screened.

Evening editors: Oded Carmeli and David Neo Buchbut.

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