Sun 23 September 2018 | 10:30 pm - 11:59 pm
Breakfast Club - Rothchild 6, Tel Aviv,

Leave us to disappoint you. It’s not us. We make parties. And we’re not here for anything but the real thing – the experience. 7 hours in the club / roof / space / spice / wherever possible with excellent sound, stood the best musical example and selectors you can find here and now.


Next destination, The Breakfast Club. For 13 years he has been in this place. Soon you will not find many underground clubs that are 14 years old. Not in Israel, probably not in the world. You can count them on 3 hands.

The timing is also a league because it is the eve of Succot, a light and sexy holiday without too many religious connotations and hardcore which means Holiday is perfect for an electronic level paretta. Haida Sukkot !!

But this is just a prelude to the delightful music that awaits you. Come on. We’ll run for it. You’ll be quick and you’re free.

At the Belfast

Adir Serge – Tripping, Monochrome, Maariv House, Block and where not. Adir knitted only 26 but last year he placed himself at the top of the scene with hot rolling sets that make you think that only 2 and hop, already 6 AM! So obviously we are excited to host him for a premiere in Anonymous. This rig is frighteningly talented.

Ray Harel – The talented Ray returns to a second round in Anonymous a minute after she knocked on a 25-hour marathon (!) With Oriya Klepter two weeks ago at Slipers. Do you understand how good you should be to pick up a 25-hour party without repeating the same track twice? So Ray is like that. She is sharp in the technical section, she is eclectic, she lives the music, the scene, the essence. She’s the real deal. Then from 1 is on position and you will arrive early thank you.

Omer & Shaked – Their last round with Anonymous showed us that we should keep them close to us, this bastard duo. Techno is a word that is thrown like broken bread by every tuna with a tunic from Ashkelon to Nahariya but Omandskad do the real thing. Techno like he was born to be: smart, urban, a little estranged, exalted souls. That’s it.

In Milek – Haute Couture and Punk Camel will unload the position there with excellent tones that will remind you of how you were children and you ran naked in the fields.

We tried a short and came out a long drop. So for those who are challenged, here is the summary: Anonymous at the Club Breakfast, Sunday, September 23, Sukkot Eve. Adir Sergey / Ray Harel / Omer & Shaked / Yuli Romano & Tom Ginsburg and Punk Kamel. Run away from the sukkah, Cam To Dadi,

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