Sun 30 September 2018 | 10:30 pm - 11:59 pm
Beit Maariv - karlibach 2, Tel Aviv,

Hoshana Rabbah. Wat ?? Do you understand what we have to deal with? Hoshana Rabbah.

But left it for a moment that came to the manic time. So after a dangerous sequence of events that have swelled up like something swelling, we close this holiday / vacation season / irresponsibility with the feeling that all life is one long vacation, and knock a piece on one before you return to your standard routine and life.

And it happens in Hoshana Rabba.

We joined the showroom / the most undraground parties in Tel Aviv, which is the Pasaz, and together we part from the summer of 18 ‘at a very radical Sukkot party in the Ma’ariv house with an almost erotic fantasy line.

So here, okay, Analapathi.

Yotam Avni – It’s Techno Jim, but not as you know it. Waterfalls of sniers collide with faulty frequencies, tribal grooves that fall into meticulous kikes, subtle melodies, distant stars and more. vibrations. Yotam Avni with us Ladies and Gentiles. And 3 minutes into his set you will understand why we are euphoric right now.

Adi Shabat – the fact that she recently became a mother did not make the edges of this broad warfare a millimeter. It still floats like a butterfly and stings like a bee. And God is good. Expect a kick into space as soon as she takes charge.

Oriya Klepter – The whole thing of Uriah is to live in the shadows, there is something synoptic, hidden, disturbing, which makes his sets (beyond choosing the passages bordering on genius, or madness, depending on who asks), deviations in the matrix. It’s good for you, all this anti-conformism.

Sean Doron – We went through a crazy summer with Sean. Some of the more extraordinary moments of the season included him on the mixer. And left that he is a monochrome resonent and a second before a global breakout. The thing is that he always delivers the goods when he is in a position and takes any party beyond, far beyond. And that’s all that matters to us here at Anonymous headquarters.

Eliezer – the spiritual father of the scene, a combination of John Lennon and Mahatma Gandhi with the appearance of a third class Colombian drug dealer who has been cultivating religiously for years. The first to understand the launch of Sachi with Hepster. He understood that Eliezer, so apart from owning the radio, the piano, the piano house and a few other locations that define the city, he is a cannon DJ, with children and full of experience. And experience is all in life, children.

In the second room (which will be called one night at the Passage Stage) – Yair Raviv, a permanent resident in Barakat / Sputnik / Drama and more, and with him in Adva position, which is currently a huge enigma but not for long.

So the finale: Anonymous with pasaz swallows the house of Ma’ariv, Succot, 30.9, starting at 22:30, finishing … no matter .. the next day there is freedom so we will finish when we finish.


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