Sat 28 July 2018 | 4:00 pm - 11:59 pm
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Anonymous פור לייף זה כאן.

The end of July, the peak of summer, Saturday afternoon, is our time. We’re people who get excited about roofs, it’s such a thing. And the truth is that after dozens of roof parties that this city has seen, it seems to us that we have found the ultimate roof, the Cinderella of the rooftops, the Croatia of the roofs, a roof so beautiful and pleasant and the landscape and the whale and everything …. The roof.

Start at 16:00, enter the most cosmic sunset you will see in your life with a soundtrack sewn like an Italian suit, and continue into the plot with a spectral line of local talent plus an exciting Berlin guest. Exciting is the word.

Sean Doron, a senior monochromist, a wide-ranging shattering fan and a safe muse in everything related to a party that touches the sky, lipstick trash, a rising Berlin star and a frightening talent. (And believe us, we do not use that word easily but Fucking listen to this. Dream! >>, and Jonathan Zee, who in the past year has become a club and back room for his own private pitch with groove-filled sets and unmistakable stage charisma. The guy was just born to be on the front.

Besides, all the anonymity, all the friends, the friends, the energies, the wavies and what seems to be a peak event of the summer of 2018.

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