Thu 19 April 2018 | 4:00 pm - 11:59 pm
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Hopelessly. Israel 70 years old, fucking 70!
We were not sure we would arrive at this moment, but we arrived at the time as a mover to celebrate this story at the high party.
And that we say of the tall we do not mean what you think we mean.
We mean that we found the roof of the best son of a bitch in Tel Aviv (real: the center of the city, a panoramic panoramic view, an addictive Mediterranean breeze .. you left – perfection), we kept a sound system of the big and it means 4 directions sound, shiny new plate, So that each sound will sparkle and crush.
And of course, we brought a line of Israeli pride, three generations of artists, producers, producers, and fans of the Israeli electronic power, and Tel Aviv, the most bubbling city in the Middle East.

So let’s run ahead:

Gal Avril – Roy Bresman. A serious vertebrae and a real underground soul. Roy was there from the start, when people did not quite understand yet the difference between Tarrance and Haus and Techno Reisman was already carrying record boxes around the country and spreading his electronic doctrine to anyone who would listen. He was the rzident of about every club that made history here and of course he continued on to a lagging career abroad with tunes in exotic locations from Panama to Siberia and marathon sets and especially uncompromising of sarcastic and rough electronics.
Breisman currently lives in Berlin and comes to us for a special visit to this event, so we have only one word to say – Risket Tatett.

Naor Nurieli – The Rick Rubin (Tel Aviv) of the Late Night Tel Aviv, plays in all the right places with an original sound that seemed to be born to him. A combination of sparkling ethnic grooves and a tic-tac-toe gleaming like a polished crystal. Naor knows the job, knows it better than anyone else.

Ella Gutman – to say that we are not excited that we managed to close the fucking Ella Gutman for this event it would be a despicable lie. And we are not liars. We always speak the truth. So Ella Gutman, the iconic Israeli pioneer, the electronic goddess who played for 2 million Germans in the legendary Penguin Love Freide in Berlin, the one who initiated the Tec / Tecno revolution in Israel, played marathon sets in the first clubs in Israel and kicked everyone in the ass. To give another shattering and futuristic techno set on our roof on our 70th Independence Day. And better than that, do not believe us.

For years, Liz has been responsible for the soundtrack of this city, whether it’s a DJ, owner of the coolest places that were and still are here, an agent of artists and creators, and in general one of those who dictate what is happening here And make sure you do not get angry for a moment. But Leyes is first of all a Daijay and he is with us independently so obviously it will be fun for LIFE.

Last but not least – Or Levy ECA Lev’or lands here after playing and proving himself in stages in Israel and abroad,
From the underground underground stages of the cellars in the city to the beach parties in Greece.
The promising young man of electronic music comes to us for a sunset set with an unusually warm sound.

So Independence Day is 19 April, from 4 PM, which is about an hour and a half before sunset, so you left the latches, you will start to flow towards (precise location will be published on the day of the event because … for the usual reasons nu ..). More details, requests, fantasies and nonsense at the nearby Anonymuser, we are meanwhile making sure that this roof becomes one day for the center of the universe, trust us that it will be just like this ..

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