Wed 14 November 2018 | 8:30 pm - 11:55 pm
Havana Club - Yigal Alon 126, Tel Aviv, 269 NIS

We are pleased and proud to announce the arrival of the Canadian metal legend Annihilator for its first show in Israel!

This great band broke out with its first album, Alice in Hell, in 1989, when Allison Hell and the clip that accompanied it became one of the biggest metal gems of all time.

Under the leadership of the guitarist, the writer, the leader and also the current lead singer Jeff Waters, the band continued to release huge albums such as Never, Neverland, Set the World on Fire and King Of The Kill, and this year released a great new album called For The Demented, In Hell with the melody of Set the World on Fire.

The band will perform in Israel on 14.11.2018 as part of the European tour of the new album, and it is expected to include huge songs such as Alison Hell, King Of The Kill, Set the world on Fire, Phantasmagoria and many others.

The sale for the show will take place in 3 stages: 100 first tickets only will be sold in pre-sale in PayPal only at a discounted price of 229 NIS per ticket,
100 additional tickets will be sold in pre-sale stage 2 also in credit cards at a price of 249 NIS,
And after they run out – the price will rise to the normal ticket price of NIS 269 per ticket.

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