Thu 21 November 2019 - Fri 22 November 2019 | 10:00 pm - 7:00 am
TBA - tel aviv, Tel Aviv,


Winter knocks on the window. The rain brings with it new beginnings .The odor of the earth smells so good and reminds us of hiking in the forests of Africa and just the way we wanted you to feel at our upcoming party.

In Africa it is called a blessing we call it a party!

In our jungle, everything happens to be greener than ever, but don’t be confused that even in the winter the atmosphere in the jungle is burning in the big jungle, the huge tribes rule and party into the night and in the small jungle you will find the tiki tribe known for their sexy and warm atmosphere.

This is exactly how the party will be! We will gather at a brand new spot that never had a party (because it just opened) in Tel Aviv and make the place a wild jungle and for that reason we enlisted the best of the best to make this party come true.

And what is more appropriate than an African party with Afro House music and melodic techno that will rise to the beat of Progressive House which will continue to beat in Tel Aviv until the little hours of the morning.
Our location has 2 stage which are divided into 2 jungles large and small

The party will have jewelry and apparel art which are selling products in the African jungle atmosphere.
In the jungle tiki you will find a cocktail bar that will serve exotic crazy cocktails.
Human exhibits with African vibe will roam the event and will get you into the jungle atmosphere just as we want you to feel.
So, here are the music artists that we are embracing into our great jungle:
One of the interesting names in the e-world is Argentine Jonatan Brian Tsai, AKA Kintar. Kintar is one of the burning and well-known producers today and the successful production resident of Tulum Mexico ESTO EL TULUM.

When he started creating music his vision was to unite and even heal people, he argues that music must be full of emotion and good groove to smash every possible expanse of the world at any given moment. His music is influenced by the Arab, Balkan and African worlds. In addition, Kintar has a crazy success in Ibiza with his own line every Monday at the Art Club called the label-sponsored elements he owns – Sudam. His music is played today by the greatest DJs.

Space Motion

Space Motion is from Serbia and is a fine music producer and has great demand these days in Europe. He has led to a particularly successful career over the past two decades in Serbia and of course throughout Europe at well-known festivals and clubs, with its own set of parties and productions that are supported by the biggest names such as Solomon.
Feel the Space:

Space Motion at Exit Festival two weeks ago:
Guy Mantzur
When talking about Israeli success, we talk about Guy Mantzur – one of the world’s most successful DJs and producers in recent decades. He is responsible for the incredible amount of quality albums, tracks and remixes of leading labels in Israel and abroad, will record alongside the big names, compose music for leading American TV series and of course, and for that purpose we regularly record live at the world’s biggest festivals such as the Barningman and Tomorrowland and more and more in the world, including in Berlin. Guy has a successful party that embraces a world called Moments with which he has hosted in countless countries and Guy belongs to the Lust and Pound successful labels. Guy comes to us after another successful journey around the globe. Different from an Israeli who really conquers the world and does not play every point in the country! We love this casting very much.
Mantzur Treasures:
Oren Cohen
Oren Cohen is an Israeli DJ from Tel Aviv. Resident Under Club and owner of the Secret Party Line, Oren plays melodic techno music and progressive Oren played on one stage alongside DJs:
ArtBat Art Determination Frankie and Sandrine Edna Twins Jeremy Olander Sebastian Leger and Residents Berlin Watergate Club and more.
He played in the ELROW international production as well as the Israeli productions at Agatal and Secret. Omer regularly plays in all the clubs considered in the country: The Maariv House, jimmy who, breakfast, under 52, Light and Desert and many more
Play for Oren:


The next thing in the melodic techno genre is undoubtedly Stylo. Stylo within six months, had the full support of Solomon, who plays all their pieces one after the other at the biggest festivals in the world as well as his annual set at the considered Sarkill. The lineup also receives support from Magdalena Sao Flex, Nicole, Black Coffe, Dinox, Kinter, Pete Tong and more.
The last EP that came out two weeks ago reached # 2 in Beatport and bypassed top-notch artists in the field and played today on all the biggest radio shows.
Stylo brings something different to the genre with years of experience in the field of electronics and melodies and power that was not before in the genre. The next epic is already played non-stop by Salomon and Magdalena and is a remix To Martin Solveig’s trak, which was officially approved. No doubt you’ll hear a lot more about them in the coming year.
Stylo’s Sound:

In the little jungle we will host the Tiki Tribe in a complex designed in the Mayan Tribe style!
Tiki culture was created in the distant past by native Polynesians, with an emphasis on Hawaii. At its base you will always find bright colors, music and joy of life.
Secret Tiki took it a step further, a wild bunch of DJs and mixologists gathering around a community of people who love to rejoice, at crazy parties with exotic tropical cocktails, house music that lifts and groove to make you hot in the right places. A colorful community looking for the warmth and joy of electronic music. The threshold for entering the tribe is the joy of giving and free liberation. A floral shirt, a colorful dress, a big smile and love will guarantee you a place with us.
Mojon is Chief Tiki. The founder of the tribe who connected the entire tribe together to a strong Beat. A rising producer and DJ i in the local and international groove. His music is played by DJs such as Marco Corolla, Dorian Kraft, Bog and more. Just recently released a track at our Kintar party, in his label Sudam Recordings. He’ll give us the Central Grove in Tiki.

In the little jungle the following will play:
Daniel Elfassy b2b Shon Ohana

As you know, in order to reach our jungle, you have to order a ticket on the link and to wait for the production confirmation. Our invitees will get an exact location of the jungle just hours before the party starts!
Arrival at the event complex for invited guests only by production.
Until then Hakuna Matata !

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