Fri 21 June 2024 | 12:00 pm - 3:00 pm
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After an almost angels party and a telenovela party in honor of Purim that were wildly successful, Angeles are back with another special of the beloved series Almost Angeles!
We invite you to an event entirely dedicated to the series that captured our hearts from the first moment, the perfect party for every fan of the series!
For tickets:
An exciting and magical event where we will dance, sing and scream the songs we grew up listening to and were a significant part of our lives.
At the party, songs by almost Angeles, Lali, songs that were part of unforgettable scenes from the series, selected songs from our line and more will be played.
21.06.24 | Doors open 12:00 noon 18+
Ozen, 48 King George St., Tel Aviv

诇讗讞专 诪住讬讘转 讻诪注讟 诪诇讗讻讬诐 讜诪住讬讘转 讟诇谞讜讘诇讜转 诇讻讘讜讚 驻讜专讬诐 砖讛爪诇讬讞讜 讘讟讬专讜祝, 讗谞讞诇住 讞讜讝专讬诐 讘住驻讬讬砖诇 谞讜住祝 砖诇 讛住讚专讛 讛讗讛讜讘讛 讻诪注讟 诪诇讗讻讬诐!
讗谞讞谞讜 诪讝诪讬谞讬诐 讗转讻诐 诇讗讬专讜注 砖讻诇 讻讜诇讜 诪讜拽讚砖 诇住讚专讛 砖讻讘砖讛 讗转 诇讬讘谞讜 诪讛专讙注 讛专讗砖讜谉, 讛诪住讬讘讛 讛诪讜砖诇诪转 诇讻诇 诪注专讬爪讛 讜诪注专讬抓 砖专讜驻.讛 砖诇 讛住讚专讛!
讗讬专讜注 诪专讙砖 讜拽住讜诐 砖讘讜 谞专拽讜讚, 谞砖讬专 讜谞爪专讞 讗转 讛砖讬专讬诐 砖讙讚诇谞讜 注诇讬讛诐 讜讛讬讜 讞诇拽 诪砖诪注讜转讬 诪讛讞讬讬诐 砖诇谞讜.
讘诪住讬讘讛 讬讜砖诪注讜 砖讬专讬诐 砖诇 讻诪注讟 诪诇讗讻讬诐, 诇讗诇讬, 砖讬专讬诐 砖讛讬讜 讞诇拽 诪住爪谞讜转 讘诇转讬 谞砖讻讞讜转 诪讛住讚专讛, 砖讬专讬诐 谞讘讞专讬诐 诪讛诇讬讬谉 砖诇谞讜 讜注讜讚.
21.06.24 | 驻转讬讞转 讚诇转讜转 12:00 讘爪讛专讬讬诐 | 18+
讗讜讝谉, 拽讬谞讙 讙’讜专讙’ 48, 转诇 讗讘讬讘

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