Wed 11 April 2018 | 7:30 pm - 10:00 pm
Pele - Rival 25, Tel Aviv, 50 NIS

“I want to remind everyone that we can not change what happened, that’s the tragic part. But we can change how we treat it. ”
“I found out I had the power to forgive, no one could give me that power, no one could take it from me …”
Eva Moses Kor, survivor of Auschwitz

“In the fact that we forgive, we separate the traumatic memory from the emotional charge. Although it is an individual process that everyone does for himself, imagine the power and the release when it comes to the mass of people who forgive global cruelty, massacre or the Holocaust. Collectively, we can avoid repeating our traumatic patterns in the future. ”
– Dr. Leonard Laskov

We can begin to change our story. To stop repeating the old sentence of “We shall not forget, we shall not forgive.” To pave a new path that has the responsibility and power to create a different world than it used to be.
To forgive is not to forget. To forgive also does not justify the wrong done. To forgive is to release the energy that is trapped in the pain to allow for our growth as individuals and as a group, community and people.

I invite us to meet our pain. The pain of the anger, the sadness and the great loss, of the fear of those who want to hurt us. This pain is ours, that of each and every one of us, and when we begin to recognize it and give it its place we can also begin to make room for forgiveness and release, to the extent that we are right and capable of it. Forgiveness is first of all for us, to give ourselves love, and to give ourselves freedom. The healing that we allow within ourselves is the gateway to collective healing and we can begin now.

On this special evening we will talk about what forgiveness is and how we can begin to forgive such great pain. There will be an invitation to a process of forgiveness that will also be meant to forgive the hurt and especially ourselves, and invite ourselves to reconnect to our love for ourselves that is sometimes forgotten under the pain of the past, regret and the great difficulty in releasing.

Who am I?
My name is Eran Marcus. I am here to bring healing and love to myself and to the world.
I have studied trilotherapy and the Dr. Nader Bhutto method and in the last two years I have been traveling and treating the US, Brazil, Europe and Israel and continues to learn healing methods and tools to connect with who we really are.
In the last few months I have been studying and treating the Holoenergetic Healing method of Dr. Leonard Laxov, an American physician who has developed and developed a method based on healing through love and forgiveness.
Today I treat and teach, share the knowledge and tools I have accumulated at every opportunity and do it with love and a big smile.

Gathering at 19:30 and starting at 20:00
Admission with a recommended donation of 50 NIS.
Payment at the entrance.

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