Wed 22 November 2023 | 8:30 pm - 11:00 pm
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Amir Lev and the band in a special performance!

We collected from the last round of performances at Barby the list of songs that the audience requested. This performance is a collection of songs that the audience liked and requested, as they say The best of In one of the interviews, they asked Amir if he has any regular habit or something that he does a few minutes before the performance? Amir answered “I remind myself that I am not performing and that I am only singing to and for the people. Only when I am convinced that I am in it do I go on stage”

Amir Lev is a master of the guitar and an artist of words, one of the main creators in Israeli music since the beginning of the nineties. Behind him are seven recorded studio albums and two live performance albums, in “Barby” and “Zappa”, the winner of the Akum Award (Author of the Year) for his 2014 album. Even before he is a singer and creator, Amir Lev tells stories. His writing His picturesqueness, his touching presentation and his extraordinary modesty – have set him apart in the local musical landscape for years.

Price 105 NIS

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