Mon 8 April 2019 | 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm
Ben Ami 14 - Ben Ami 14, Tel Aviv, 100 NIS

Hebrew below – עברית למטה
Amazonian tradition plant medicine diets – Lecture by Gabriel Lynch and Mama Reyna. Lecture language is English.

In recent years , ayahuasca has received most of the fame of the amazonian medicine tradition, but the reality in the jungle is that plant diets are the main form of healing and learning.
Ayahuasca is just a tool and accessory.

Why is the plant diet so important?
The plant diet gives the person the chance to connect on a deep level, physically and spiritually to the conscious intelligence of the plant being dieted.
A contract is made with the plant , so the person dieting makes major sacrifices in their lifestyle for a period of time. These sacrifices are a form of payment to the plant. In return , the person dieting is able to connect to the essence or spirit of the plant and receive direct healing & learning from the plant.
These powerful plants are called : Plantas Maestras or teacher plants.

Ampiri is a place of healing, teaching and rejuvenation.
Located in the Amazonian jungle, on the world’s largest hot thermal river. Gabriel and Reyna are the Lead teachers at Ampiri.

Maestro Gabriel Lynch, A naturalist with over 20 years of dedicated study in plant medicine, fasting and diet. Gabriel brings a wealth of knowledge and also the clever ability to convey this knowledge to the western mind. Early in his study, Gabriel was a complete raw foodist for a number of years. Gabriel teaches many things about different types of healing diets and other plant based systems including: Western herbalism, Ayurveda, and Chinese herbs. Having lived in China and Asia for a number of years, Gabriel also teaches traditional Taoist Nei Gong meditation, Kung Fu: Southern Dragon and Bak Mei fighting systems as well as Taoist medicine. In the Amazon, Gabriel spent many years living in native villages and jungle doing long isolation diets. As a result, Gabriel learned to sing powerful icaros in native dialects such as Quechua and Shipibo. Some of his specialties include strange undiagnosable illnesses, curse removal, and entity, spirit/demon removal.

Reyna is considered as the universal mother in Ampiri, due to her wide open heart, kindness and humble nature. Reyna was born in Peru in the sixties , and had quite a rough life, from losing her child & her heartbreaking divorce. It ended with her being diagnosed with cancer, which lead her to isolate herself in the jungle , curing herself by dieting trees and plants.
After she healed, she kept learning and dieting trees and plants and learnt the way of the medicine. That made her a powerful healer and curandera. She sings powerful icaros for a deep healing, and has a strong connection with the jungle spirits.

Reyna specialities includes:
Oje, Toë, camalonga, los renacos, tike came renaco, huacra renaco, warmi renaco, sapote renaco and caballo renaco

Gabriels specialities include :
Tobaco, cama longa, sanango, ajos sacha, ajos quiro, sharamashu, shihuahuacu, cuma seba and his favourite Ayahuma.

They will give us at the end a special gift: hearing their jungle Icaro (singing)

The Lecture will take place April 8th, 19:00 at The Kaballah center in tel aviv.
Price: 100 Shekels. Registrations and tickets available on the spot, in the day of the event.

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