Thu 7 March 2019 | 8:30 pm - 10:30 pm
The Box - Yerushalaim Blvd 19, Tel Aviv, 80 NIS

Murat Aydemir, master of the Tenor and the Maqam of Turkey, is a descendant of an important line of musicians in the Ottoman music of Istanbul.

Aydemir recorded 16 albums and wrote a book to teach Maqam, which is a milestone for musicians from all over the world.

Idemir will be accompanied by musicians who have devoted the last few years to learning the tradition of Ottoman music.

Murat Aydemir-Tenbor
Mayo on a cello
Yishai Afterman – Percussion
Ben Degovitch – Percussion
Ariel Barley-Lavetta
Lily-Anne Bezalel-Nai

The Box, 19 Yerushalayim Boulevard, Tel Aviv
the number of seats is limited!
Early ticket price: 70 NIS.
Discount ticket for Alsheich students – 55 NIS
Price instead – 80 NIS

Graphic design: Naomi Magni

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