Sun 20 May 2018 | 8:30 pm - 11:30 pm
Barby - Derech Kibuts Galuyot 52, Tel Aviv,

Anne Factory Willow Brick are very surprised to present for the first time in Israel: Ali Shaheed Muhammad (A Tribe Called Quest) & Adrian Youngge.
* THE MIDNIGHT HOUR- Live Experiance *

* Opening Performances By *
Loren Oden & Jack Waterson
The Barbie Club || Monday 20.5

A one-time evening of experience that is a live and virtuoso celebration of jazz, sol and hip-hop performed by two of the hottest and most interesting modern composers in the contemporary music industry, plus the idiocy of a ten-year-old fusion ensemble and musicians.

Ali Shahid Mohammed (legendary founding member of A Tribe called Quest) and Adrian Young each one is a chapter or two in the discography of the renewed interest in jazz and black music in recent years.
The two, who dig into every musical piece of the past in order to push it forward, began their joint work by composing the soundtrack for Netflix’s successful television series “Luke Cage,” which planted the seeds for the heavy album / project / manifesto “Midnight.” An album with 20 tracks with numerous guest appearances by huge vocalists Rafael Sadek, C Lo Green, Leticia Cider, Bilal and Queen Mother Carolina!

“Midnight Hour” is not only the show of the geniuses / pioneers Ali Shahid and Adrian Young, he is a rhythm and orchestra unit full and rich that produce a wonderful and powerful live performance that speaks to the audience and plays it cheerfully alongside the past and now of black music. Which captures the heart and soul of jazz fans and R & B and hip-hop enthusiasts.

Ali Shahid Mohammed and Adrian Young’s orkata is now on the road in the midst of an intense European column of praises at the Barbi club in Tel Aviv on Monday 20th May.

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