Sat 15 June 2019 | 6:00 pm - 11:30 pm
Ala Rampa - HaAmal 21, Tel Aviv,

Hop Hope Terla La la la is a birthday to the ramp and we will celebrate the next Saturday (15.6) in the afternoon and into the evening.

Begin at 16:00 with just a spread on the mats, and get the desired.

Of course children are welcome even
at 18:00 and the circus will start the evening.
We continue the sunset for our hot shows, dancing outside, drinks and sweets, sunset and breeze from the far physical sea, but around the corner in our hearts.

Order of appearance
circus geeks, nerds come to us grandiose circus show
Join passed away entertaining and full of surprises nerdy
Come laugh with them, especially them and skip a beat incredible acrobatic stunts and perhaps were even fly with the nerds on stage.
(There’s no stage, it’s in the square ..)
In short, a moving and comic circus show for the whole family.

Then there will be performances on the truck, opposite the ramp. A serious style.

Yael Kraus,
creative singer, soloist Panic Ensemble and Bossa in a new performance for the release of her first solo album in Hebrew.
Songs of longing and awakening, from a personal and feminine perspective, wrapped in slow rhythmic pop rhythms, with electro-acoustic sound.

Moti Rodan,
the most talented we love very much.
The discovery of the near summer minimum. And much, much more.

A bit of an impresario from the press:
“George Harrison gave birth to a child in a settlement near Jerusalem and then the boy discovered that he was the son of George Harrison and he returned with a question.”

And finally Los Cappros come to show up on Hermphus’s truck like in the good old days. They are good friends and are always happy to host them on the ramp, on the ramp, in front of the ramp. And those who do not know, that’s how it is when you write about them

The Los Caparos band is a clear demonstration of successful integration between different cultures, languages ​​and musical streams. The ensemble, which started in 2004 in pubs and clubs affiliated with the Russian community, quickly broke the boundaries of the ghetto and captured the heart of the Israeli Sabra audience.
In the music of Los Caparos, the unique temperament meets the Israeli sun. From this encounter, a new
and original style was born, combining the music of Sca / Reggae / Funk / Dub and Jungle in Russian, English and Hebrew, thus speaking to all sectors in the
universal language – the language of music.

Congratulations to us.

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