Sat 8 December 2018 | 8:00 pm - 11:00 pm
Akbar - Rabbi Nahman 2, Jaffa-Tel Aviv,

The Hucker Music Project hosts the Sesame Sumsum
A colorful, sweeping celebration, dancing and frenzy of music and humor in the best Gypsy tradition.
The Sesame Group began operating in Israel in 2008, which began with a random meeting of musicians at the festival in Turkey. It continued on a tour of European streets and turned into a crazy journey of five musicians through hundreds of performances in the Middle East and the world in festivals, clubs, celebrations and cultural events. Just as it is difficult to put the finger on the magic of the gypsies themselves, there is no way to describe in words the magic that occurs on stage and with the audience during Sesame’s performances. And it happens every time anew.
A combination of the styles of the musicians in the unusual singing, the boozing bozuki, the electric violin, the trumpet trumpet, the dancing bass guitar and the hot percussion instruments creates a new sound and a performance that is a unique and passionate experience that has gathered a warm and loyal audience and tens of thousands of happy celebrants.
The band plays and sings original and popular materials from all over the world, inspired by Gypsy styles and the local influences of the Middle East. The band is currently launching its fourth album – Ashishori.
Their previous albums sumum live (2013) kalimi (2011) lazy life (2009)
Were distributed in droves and contributed to the introduction of the band to the public consciousness in Israel.
Over the years, the company has toured Israel and around the world

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