Thu 25 October 2018 | 8:30 pm - 10:30 pm
Soul and Sisi - Soul and Sisi, Tel Aviv, 120 NIS

The concept of truth is at the heart of psychoanalysis, and it deals with the various ways of reaching the truth. But the concept of truth is inherently elusive, holding a built-in tension between the known and the unknown, and the constant and the variable. Today’s truth is perhaps the lie of tomorrow. There are, and we are surprised to discover a well-known truth and wonder whether it has always been hidden from the eye or created as a new truth. And if so, did it come about that something had changed in his son, or only revealed to us when we agreed to discover it? Every truth has a false dimension and every lie has a dimension of truth. The question of truth, then, is complex. The lecture will explore the ways to reach the emotional truth and, based on Winnicott’s thinking, will suggest looking at different layers of truth as an alternative to the division between truth and falsehood. Clinical examples will be presented to illustrate the ideas.
Ahuva Barkan – Clinical Psychologist Instructor, psychoanalyst in the Israel Psychoanalytic Society. She is a teacher in the advanced track tracks “The Independent Stream in Psychoanalysis – Breakthroughs” and “The Relational Track”, The Psychotherapy Program, Faculty of Medicine, Tel Aviv University.
Price for a single lecture: Member of the association – 80 NIS Student / retiree – 100 NIS, non-member – 120 NIS.

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