Thu 31 January 2019 | 8:00 pm - 11:00 pm
Red House Gallery - Yisrael Misalant 35, Tel Aviv,

We are excited to invite you to a unique event. Note this:

The red stage will rise and appear
The Afro Song – original performance by the Ethiopian group in the new Israeli poetry.
Poets, artists
Young people raise different themes, including feminism, black, Western, beauty model, tradition, immigration, progress against oppression.
The uniqueness of the ensemble is that it tells the first-hand Israeli story without mediation.
Thus, in a primordial voice that dares to take out the dirty laundry, they tell together about a shared experience not only for the Ethiopian immigrants but also for the immigrant country that we are.

Treasures of the show: Tamar Asenkau and Nani Brock
Production: Tamar Asenko and Ortal Mogus

Artists: Avi Asenkau, Janet Balai, Nani Brock, Hagit Tegfau, Ortal Mogus, Ortal Solomon, Sitay Alma
Wait is not all –
We will also host Almaz Zoro-Yali, a writer and council member in Lod, who will tell about her first book “Kapo-Ken”.
Elmaz Zoro-Yali relates that the book was born out of pride and connection to the heritage, history and culture of the Ethiopian community, and that the curiosity she discovered from an early age led her to explore significant periods in the history of Ethiopian Jewry.

In addition, during the event, we will talk about the book “Monk and the Lion – Contemporary Ethiopian Art in Israel”, one of which is Shula Keshet, who will come to tell us a bit about what is behind the book. The book is dedicated to the diverse work of Israeli-Ethiopian artists and artists that deals with the cultural and social identity of its creators.

Of course, every good thing comes to an end, as does the Beta – Ethiopian Art Exhibition – which was exhibited at the Red House last month. We invite you to the closing event of the exhibition, which was created in cooperation with the collective “Beta – Ethiopian Artists”.

Last chance to view this exhibition, which received favorable reviews and a large audience of visitors!

The restaurant Lalibela will sell traditional Ethiopian food, vegetarian and vegan food throughout the evening.

It will be warm, pleasant and tasty – so come on

Waiting for you / to lock the Beta properly!

* The kaber was taken from the work of Antenesh Yalu, who is exhibiting at the exhibition.

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