Thu 9 November 2017 | 10:00 pm - 11:59 pm
Haezor - 13 HaRechev St, Tel Aviv, FREE


Why? First thing – why not? And that there was something better than being happy and dancing to the best music in the universe in this life?
Which leads us to the second reason: that the music trust the one and only – the era K
Somewhere in the late 1990s, long before the concept of Groove was common, Idan K had already dived into the depths of African, Latin and Funk music as a percussionist (with Karolina, Kutiman, Fankenstein and many more) (The Movement of Rhtythm), as an estimated radio broadcaster and of course to Jay picking rare pearls from the seven continents …
There is no doubt that he is the pioneer of the Israeli Aprovit but Idan, as evidenced by the name of his ensemble, in constant motion and today his schedule is crowded in the composition and production of music for the film industry and video games and this privilege and right we managed to pull him from the depths of the studio to the position of the acrobat for one night
All you have to do is get on a dance uniform, in a tropical atmosphere if possible, and come to absorb all this goodness

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