Mon 16 July 2018 | 8:00 pm - 10:00 pm
Inbal Dance Theater - Yehieli 6, Tel Aviv,

A colorful group of percussionists and dancers lead by Saboula, a Djembe Master from Guinea- West Africa.
Celebrating 18 years of African dance Theatre in Israel!
A spectacle of energetic rhythm and sensual uplifting dance
The dance is exposing the deep African Mystical costumes: divination. Spirit possession, and
Exorcism ceremony
Colorful outfits: cultural, musical and visual experience
New choreographic that combine the African with the modern and contemporary dance.
Musicians and drummers: Saboula & Rachel Bangoura, Tal Hamami, Michael Negev, Gal Katzir
Dancers: Gili Zinger, Rona Bar on, Shahar Alosh , Merav Arwas, Tamar Almo.
Choreography : Rachel Bangoura
Directing: Rachel Bangoura
Outfits: Rachel Bangoura
Music: Saboula Bangoura

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