Sat 27 October 2018 | 9:30 am - 10:30 pm
Herzl Street 16 - Herzl 16, Tel Aviv,

The refreshing duo that brings a new and original angle to a futuristic Afro-Caribbean club with meticulous production and craftsmanship, comes to Herzl 16!

As the name suggests, the eclectic duo is greatly influenced by the endless musical inspiration coming from the Black Continent and their third author, the dear soulmate, the 808 immortal drum machine
Their productions combine polyphemics and wild rhythms under percussion classes (some of which are played by male and female singers from Ghana and Congo who played, among other things, with Ebo Taylor the Giant) recordings of acoustic instruments from the continent such as Hanjuni, Marimba, , Textures and drum machines Of course, this musical wealth is packed in a sharp, original and new production that can not be indifferent to it! Not just a star shining in recent years and certainly
You can understand why they consider the music that they create as a hybrid dance music that can not really be put into an acceptable square, if you are really stubborn … Aprotenko is the Zion but in our opinion it does an injustice to music that is very influenced by West African rhythms and Caribbean music
On the other hand, there are now mainly techno with a New York disco and a British garag, and the company certainly knows what they are doing and they come to lavish this good on us in Tel Aviv, here in Tel Aviv!

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