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“Is there anything you crave, or something you would very much like to happen? Focus on it, with all your concentration. Imagine it in detail. If you wish you enough, and Ricozc intense enough, you will realize any questions you may

thank Rabbi Nachman said, and justice – leading Focus Net motivation leads to action, net success. And what does it really matter what religion stands behind the words, we all agree that music is the highest and most sacred religion. and this is what’s important. The music was net.

Sitic and Grandma are excited to present the guests of honor who came from Germany and will focus you directly in the most luxurious loudspeakers in the city:

Hamburg, Germany – ADANA TWINS
Because the rumor She says our hairs are about to wean.
114,000 Facebook followers are not mistaken, not even dozens of festivals and clubs around the world, not even the biggest names (Solomon, Tile of As), who have already cooperated with this special German duo. Since their crazy break-in in 2012, the Adana brothers have had enough time to blend styles, surprise, innovate, accurately, develop, launch their own label – and get the audience into emotional musical adventures: euphoria to melancholy and cosmic vibes between House and Techno for things that are difficult to define, Chills to stomp in the legs that can not be stopped.
good luck to us.

A special guest from the city of Sol Mate, Berlin – THNTS
“Something motivational, something dreamy – but always something that tells a story …”
Behind these mysterious letters there is Basti, where the Berlin Underground Techno Underground scene appears. He is a collector of records from Hardcore, Black and Dum Metal, and has recently begun exploring the techno-expressive side. In the meantime, he has already managed to get involved in the biking and productions of the Berlin club known as Blank, and on Thursday he arrives at Squat to make us a German Proper closing.
Take oxygen, it will probably take us beyond the atmosphere:


Here are the animations that have plotted this whole plot and created for us an unforgettable block space:
Culture In The City – Bar Schloss ”
Trak Is a collection of diverse and diverse sounds bounded by a limited bandwidth. Trac is us – a collection of very diverse people, populated by a very limited space, enjoying an uncompromising quality … when everything begins and ends with us – in music … ”
The group brings with it an old-new urban culture that espouses original techno. They came from all over the country to the big city, a young ensemble that began only a year and a half ago and is already making names, without making fun, without politics and ego games – this group remains the same good guys who come to make music. .
And if that’s not enough, Bar Lucy, one of the co-partners, is celebrating a birthday. What will happen. How many joys can one night?
(As much as possible please.) ”


Caliben” makes the squat “As a
crowd in the club you create a pattern here. You are not personal. You are not alone. You are a multitude of people. Your face turns in one direction. You are aiming. Your ears hear the same thing. You are an event. You are the event … ”
The Caleben is a production of TravelMaker’s and places in its center the Lively culture and the experience dimension. Each event combines visual elements from the world of theater, new media, live tools and unbridled elements that bring the audience to Las Vegas under the influence of the New Disco, Indie Dance and the Mouse. Here comes the friend of the city criminals, and he’s waiting for you, and so do we. Bering It On.


A laser beam takes over the lounge
line for underground parties of hallucinatory locations and sophisticated techno music.
The Laser Foundation is an artists’ collective operating in the city in order to create a different entertainment experience and promote original and local music. The Foundation crosses musical styles and passes through the House and the Tac House with up-beat rhythms and the atmosphere of the levels. Up Up Up.

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