Fri 20 September 2019 | 2:30 pm - 11:55 pm
Abraxas - Lillenblum 40, Tel Aviv,

The 2019 Volvo VSounds Festival lands in Abraxas! ~

Friday afternoon, late summer, open the weekend with some soul and live performances ~

Fourth year the Volvo Music Festival is waking up the city, with a slew of shows on many locations, and a second year hosting it with us. After last year we started our strongest This year we only increase!

rise and come >>

Yael Kraus ~ one of the most outstanding voices of Israeli indie in recent years, with an impressive resume that proves that she can do anything! is currently working on new material for the first time in Hebrew ~

Tomer Isaiah ~ Prince of dusty roads and who returned the sexiest folk anthems Roadtrif dripping with sweetness ~

Elisha Banai ~ punk margin to In the mainstream embraces, with Jing unapologetic and galloped wildly, Elisha Banai teen spirit smells Fun ~

Micah Sheetrit ~ The Nails and Feathers Troubadour, with songs that are deeply tattooed in the DNA of Israeli music, in a performance that tickles the whole spectrum of emotions ~

and entry – free!

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