Fri 21 February 2020 | 12:00 pm - 7:30 pm
Ozen Bar - King George 48, Tel Aviv,

The Ozen is excited for the production of the first Young Art Festival.

Happy to host the Florentinian Design Market:
Florentin Designers Market
bringing with it from the south to the heart of the city a host of local talent stalls: fashion, design and craftsmanship at prices we can all meet.
(Full list below)

In the movie rooms, it’s back! Bkmabk Historical / Hysterical (Storey) Festival Bombfriim films of a students and students will present a marathon loop of short films and Aiicotiim got selected and carefully selected:
Dolphin rubber \ Uri Aharon
fine \ Maya Yadlin
employer-employee relationship \ Tal Shahar
myrtle Almagor \ TWIGS
Dima Idrob \ HUM

on stage, Starting at 12:00, the racing car could kick off and fresh off the blooming indie scene of the Tel Aviv swamp. Ascending and Coming :
May Lavie
Wawa Shwawa
Pie O My
Ella Shik Blum – Ella Shik Blum And

finally, for those of you who have forgotten what it is to be Jewish, we are reminiscent of a maple. And so, Paulnar promises Chaser alongside every big glass of beer you order. It kind of feels like October-Fast only in February.

Besides, so that there was a stage to soak up the beer, down in the ear a different and varied nourishing coffee, but above all the toast: a hole in the ear.

Entry price to cover costs only: NIS 10.

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