Thu 9 May 2019 | 1:00 pm - 11:59 pm
Drama - Nahalat Binyamin 52, Tel Aviv,

This is how you will see the anniversary party for Tzuzman:

★ A year of Zusammen w / Betoko at Drama – Drama ★

There are events in which words are too small to describe or contain
There are phenomena that will forever be unexplained.
On Independence Day we will mark a year for that magical moment,
How the checkpoint broke, how the brakes were released
And how quietly it began to overflow …

Time, efforts, sleepless nights
The thought, the investment, the perseverance,
Disagreements and agreements
Understandings and misunderstandings,
Everything was worth the end result,
Tsuzaman in a festive collaboration with the drama:

Twenty hours
Three broad
One Batoko – in all his glory.
The old man said “We hereby declare”
The city knew: a year of Tsuzaman, independence in drama.

Line-up service:

Turgi b2b POTCHA (Zusammen)
Betoko (Katermukke, Diynamic, Einmusika)

Diwan Krew –
Kid Koko

Khen (Lost & Found)
Nivi (Zusammen)
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