Sat 20 October 2018 | 6:00 am - 5:00 pm
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Remove rust from the summer lagoon and set off with the first trek of the season. This time, we will climb the Judean Hills to the old train route to Jerusalem and the impressive Nahal Soreq valley. We will climb the Katlav stream towards Nes Harim and descend to Horbat Itab from which we connect to Nahal Ma’ara until the end point.

About the trip:

The tour is designed for those who are experienced in hiking and includes a certified instructor.
The trip includes an adjacent bus.
Food on a trip based on hikers.
There will be a stop for espresso and organized services at the Behar Behar restaurant.
Additional details will be sent to subscribers by separate e-mail.
Guaranteed trip with a minimum of 25 travelers.

From Nahal Katlav to Nahal Ma’ara – Description of the route:

The Judean hills and Judean plains are full of hiking trails. In the center of them lies the valley of Nahal Soreq, which became the route of the old train to Jerusalem. Nahal Soreq, is nourished by several tributaries, one of which is Nahal Katlav. The route begins with a descent to the Sorek valley and walking along the railway line and the Bar Giora station. Near the station we will leave the Nahal Sorek and Nahal in the Katlav stream, not before we examine the situation in the water at the Hirbat Deir Ayaikh.

The Katlav stream, like its name, is decorated with ketchup trees, but there are orchards in between and there, which will provide us with some stories and fruit. The climb in the stream is not long but steep. At the end we will go straight to the Bar Bahar restaurant, where we will make our lunch break (instead of regular services).

After the lunch break we will change our trend from an increase to a descent and begin to descend from the Judean hills to the Judean plain through the ruins of Beit Itaab and the Cave of the Twins. Let’s hope there will be water in the spring and if we do not make do with the beautiful view from the top of the ruin. The end point will be at the junction of Nahal Cave with Highway 38.

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