Wed 6 February 2019 | 8:00 pm - 10:30 pm
Culture Palace - Habima Square, Tel Aviv,


Credit: Sven Mandel/Wikimedia
credit :christoph Müller

Save a Child’s Heart is happy to present:
✦Symphony of the Heart✦

✦Special guests: Ester Rada | Avraham Tal✦

The acclaimed American pianist Emily Bear will perform with the World Doctors Orchestra, a 100 musician-physician symphonic orchestra for the first time in Israel!

The event will take place as a special gala concert for
Save a Child’s Heart from the Wolfson Medical Center
Feb. 6, 2019 – Jerusalem Theater | Feb. 7, 2019 – Heichal Hatarbut, Tel Aviv
To celebrate its international success and allow it to continue its lifesaving activities, Save a Child’s Heart has decided to host “Symphony of the Heart” events in Israel and around the world. These concerts have already successfully taken place in the past in Tel Aviv, Amsterdam and Los Angeles, attracting thousands of people who are excited by the music and help the humanitarian efforts.
The two concerts will take place on February 6th and 7th 2019 in Jerusalem Theater and Heichal Hatarbut in Tel Aviv. The concerts will be joined by worldwide leading artists performing in Israel: for the first time ever, we are happy to host 16 year old Emily Bear – a world-class pianist. Emily Bear will be accompanied by the World Doctors Orchestra (WDO) – a symphonic orchestra, with about 100 musician-physicians from around the globe. This orchestra voluntarily plays concerts around the world, helping fundraise for humanitarian projects. We are also happy to announce that Ester Rada, one of the most beloved and respected artists in Israel, will be giving a special performance in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. Additionally, a special guest in the Jerusalem event: Avraham Tal! Avraham Tal is a beloved artist, one of the most unique and interesting artists in the Israeli music industry. Ester Rada and Avraham Tal will perform some of their hit songs, as well as collaborative performances with the WDO. All the artists have volunteered their time for Save a Child’s Heart.
Save a Child’s Heart is an Israeli-based international non-profit organization, recipient of the 2018 prestigious United Nations Population Award, whose goal is to improve the health and welfare of all children, regardless of the child’s nationality, religion, color, gender or financial situation. Save a Child’s Heart provides medical treatment at the Wolfson Medical Center for children suffering from heart disease, holds pre-operative and follow-up cardiology clinics in Israel and abroad on a weekly basis, offers a comprehensive training program within Israel for doctors and nurses from developing countries and leads surgical and teaching missions to partner countries.
To date, we have provided care to over 4,900 children from more than 57 countries in Africa, the Middle East, Asia, Europe and South America and trained more than 120 medical team members from these countries.
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