Sun 1 September 2019 | 8:29 pm - 11:00 pm
Flea Market - Jaffa, Tel Aviv,

Listen, really, but it doesn’t end this summer,
except that all the kids go to school again,
still really hot, and there is a constant need for us all to eat from my heart.
So here it is – a special edition – one last event for the season.

An unusual spokan evening of September first and it goes like this:

In the program:
blooming Jaffa air, chill melancholy, warm beer, line up foreclosure.
The middle of the flea market, open air, live music between the songs, in
short – a frenzy of the most pleasant event in this world.

Linap *

Amit Ullman (Pedro Grass) – This man is an endless enterprise of words, a
high school, Macbeth, this city, Victor Jackson, a debut album, the
man who shows everyone how to do it right – Amit Ullman – Pedro Grass

Noa Goren – She works at a bookstore every day, and makes teenagers write hysterical songs – at night she spokes a Fox Spock that will confuse you and then bring you back to concentration and again confuse, and over your head will be such a question mark and then boom, you understand Noa Goren

Ortega – special hosting from the rap scene The man with the fastest flux in the State of Israel and the Middle East has been investigated and it can be said with confidence Ortega –

Hadas Governor – broke into the Israeli consciousness with the song “Sailing” that tells you that you are single, but what, she is already unmarried, so there are full new songs and groove Recent, myrtle governor – Hadas Moshel

thousands Gelbard – undoubtedly one of the most exciting scene in Spokane and Red Israeli man scorches its way into the hearts deeply and poetic imaginable on stage – and there will be status laughter thousand / Alfie

Naama Dawn – Do you know that you do not yet know someone, and then you see her appear, and realize that this is one of the most spectacular textual flashes you have ever encountered? So Naama Shahar

on the directive – Asaf Shenhav and maybe Gilad Bloom
When does the show really start?
21:00 But Bull, it means that if you arrive at 21:04 you will lose a song!
(Don’t Miss Songs)

How Much Does It Cost?
You are invited to indulge in a note of your choice so that the poets receive a reward for their good service to your heart.

* The lineup is what is scheduled to happen – you do not know what will happen that is not planned.

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