Wed 10 October 2018 | 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm
New Jolt offices - Marzel trail 2, Tel Aviv,

Conduct a meaningful community around a professional content world? We have something to tell you that we think you’ll really like it. And to be really dramatic: we have a declaration that may change the world of communities in Israel 🙂
Well we came dramatic from home and what can be done
The announcement will take place at a closed event for 80 community managers
Evening Record: Liora Golomb’s workshop on how to produce a perfect community event
There may be colored drinks in transparent glasses but we can not promise anything right now

About the workshop:
Every community manager should have the ability to motivate people, create value and opportunities for members of his community and of course be attentive to the needs and needs of the community.
Today there is no community that can exist only in the network, each community needs an element of tangible physical encounters that will connect its members and create long-term value for them.
In a special and one-time evening, Jolt opens the door to community managers from all over the country to give you the opportunity to connect and learn how to produce the best event you can for your communities.

The practical workshop will focus on how to produce events for the community that remain in memory over time with Liora Golomb, community leader and founder of Fuckup Nights in Israel.
In an experiential workshop, you will learn how to market, plan and build your next event in a way that will break the conventional thinking style, enable your community to take part in planning and of course learn from other community leaders through meaningful peer learning.

About Jolt:
Jolte’s mission is to make learning a habit of life. We believe that people need – and want – to learn all the time to stay relevant, and that the best way to do it is with other people – in groups and communities.
We have designed a new type of advanced education to suit the 21st century:
You learn how much you want and when you want international experts, in intimate groups that enable learning through conversation and in-depth learning.

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