Fri 21 December 2018 | 12:00 pm - 2:00 pm
Gordon Beach - Gordon Beach, Tel Aviv,

We all love the sea, but for some of us, the sea is home (and we don’t mean surfers…) – turtles, fish, corals, dolphins and other species.

On Friday, 21.12, at 12.00 PM, we will meet at Gordon beach in order to show the importance of declaring maritime nature reserves in Israel.

During the activity we will build a big display which will be photographed from air by a drone, and speak with the public on the beach. During the activity, fascinating information regarding maritime nature reserves will be provided: what is their definition, what exists in Israel, what is planned for the future, what are the dangers and difficulties and what can be done.

Come and join us during the activity!

In short, maritime nature reserves are an efficient statutory tool for protecting the eco-systems and building Resistance to multiple hazards. The Mediterranean is the most endangered sea in the world today. It is exposed to destruction of habitats, excess fishing, pollution, global warming and a massive invasion of exotic species. These local and global changes cause the eco-system to degrade. And if the marine eco-system is not healthy, we will get hurt too.

There are many dangers and pollutions that are risking the sea and the live creators in it – fishing, sea crafts, and lately the exploration and drilling for gas. In order to protect a clean and live sea, we must act immediately!

We are waiting to see you on Friday

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