Sat 28 April 2018 | 8:00 pm - 11:00 pm
Rothschild 1 - Rothschild 1, Tel Aviv,

Just before the Knesset returns from the party, they step up the struggle against the transports and demand that the MKs stop the live transports!

We are entering a fateful period in the struggle against live shipments – the High Court proceedings are proceeding, and the Knesset’s summer session begins.

We’re tired of empty promises – we go out into the streets and demand change!

Minister Uri Ariel promised to work to reduce live shipments. In fact, in 2018 we see an increase in the agony of calves and lambs from Australia and Europe. Minister Moshe Kahlon tells us he cares about animals. In practice, he gives tax benefits to abusers.

In the summer, live transports are breaking records of cruelty. In crowded ships, temperatures rise. The calves and the lambs compete for the fans and the water tanks. Some are dead. The bodies are thrown into the ocean.

Join us on a giant march to show the government that there is a large public in Israel that cares about animals. The time has come to move from the promises to the actions – and to stop the live transports!

Where will you be on the day when the live transports will finally be canceled?
28.4 | 20:00 | Rothschild 1, Tel Aviv to the Cinematheque.

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