Thu 11 April 2019 | 9:00 pm - 11:30 pm
Haezor - 13 HaRechev St, Tel Aviv, 65 NIS

Birthday of the beloved album in a one-time performance by Yossi Sassi and the Orchestra!

NIS 65 at an early sale (then the prices will go up, so we recommend rushing)
NIS 95 per ticket + signed copy of one of Yossi Sassi’s albums for your selection!

The area club – 11.4.2019 – 21:00
13 Habalik Street, Tel Aviv – Jaffa

The album “Desert Butterflies” is Yossi Sassi’s second solo album, and he arrived in the world two years after the first solo album, Melting Clocks, which was signed and distributed at Warner Music worldwide.
The album includes collaborations with Marty Friedman, Ron Bumblefoot, Thal (at the same time full-time guitarist Gans and Roses), Mariangella Dimorets and Israeli musician Erez Lev Ari. Then came a journey around the world, physically and conceptually, on four different continents.

During the recording of the album Yossi announced his departure from Orphaned Land in January 2014, and the announcement of the departure was written right from the studio. The album’s release story along with the timed departure schedule has enhanced the extraordinary atmosphere in creating the album and its departure for the world.
On April 11, the album will be played in full with the Orchestra, along with songs and other works you love. You mean a very special evening, which will be held only once!

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