Fri 5 April 2019 | 12:00 pm - 11:59 pm
Azrieli Center - Menachem Begin 132, Tel Aviv,

About a month ago, the Welfare Ministry announced that on 30 June, five hostels for girls in Israel would be closed. Three in Jerusalem and two in northern Israel. The hostels are the rehabilitative homes of the girls, girls who are under state sponsorship.
Also at the end of this month! 31.3 A class apartment in Tel Aviv is expected to close – a new apartment for young people. After her, they will close more and more. We need to stop! You can not close frames in the middle of a year, so without informing.
The Ministry of Social Affairs is pushing for a new reform, in which these open frameworks will be closed and replaced by closed ones. The girls they claim will squat in new places. But places are closed, there are no professional teams or therapeutic programs, and no one answers where this is going.

We demand that the reform be halted and that a professional committee be set up to discuss its decision and planning in a transparent and practical manner.
One morning it is impossible to take these protected girls to the protected place, the place where a bond of trust and a therapeutic process is created. What’s more, in the direction of reform, all open frameworks will be closed and it is a serious crime to think that all the youth are suitable for a locked home!

We need you with us!
Thanks to this struggle, we managed to bring the welfare ministry to officially announce the closure, before that it was rumors and they did not announce! Then they repeated that the intention was to close for renovations when there was no need for renovation and we say enough!
The response of the Ministry of Welfare is empty and leaves all these girls helpless, uncertain and in distress.
Pretty hide. Day for manipulation. We want a sincere and genuine dialogue about the future of these children.
Where will they go in 30.6? Who was going to take care of them?
And why ?! That’s the big question.
There are professional teams, there is a budget, there is a structure, there are girls and boys who want to stay. There is no logical reason to close.

In this struggle, we make the voices of minors and minors who can not speak for themselves.
Boys and girls who have been injured have been transferred to the responsibility of the state and the state can harm them again. We call to stop !!

We will meet on Friday, April 12 at the Azrieli Plaza, to demonstrate together and call on the Welfare Ministry not to close the hostels.

Please join us.
Together we have the power to change.

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