Tue 6 February 2018 | 6:30 pm - 9:00 pm
7 HaPelech Street - HaPelech 7, Tel Aviv,

1. So who am I and why am I doing all this?

Hey friends, I’m Netty. A few years ago I graduated from law and asked myself – OK, what now? I just moved to Tel Aviv and felt that I was going to conquer the world. But then I discovered that the employment market really did not wait for Netti Dinur and no one cared where I learned. I did my internship and all kinds of details scattered throughout my resume. I understood quite quickly that I did not want to practice law, but if I did not practice law, what would I do ?!

Here began the search for the dream work that most of the time I felt that it does not really exist, and that I do not really know what I want and what suits me.

I discovered that this is a topic that no one talks about – and if you’re talking about it, then everyone who has a job – is already organized. But what about those looking for me? I felt that I had no one to share the confusion and the search that could be exhausting and sometimes frustrating.

I asked myself a lot – why do I have to go now? Why am I not like everyone else? What will my parents say? What if I do not want to deal with what I have learned?

I set myself the goal of talking to as many people as possible about where I am in the hope that someone has a job to offer me. In practice, I found that many of them are in the same situation and that is something that is shared by many people. The conclusion was – I’m really not alone in this story.

From conversations with people I discovered that a lot of people were sitting in Pansy’s office but would prefer to work from home in their pajamas. That they are dying to be converted but mostly die of fear. That the employment market is changing today and that it is the best in 2013. That work is looking for Facebook and LinkedIn.

So today, after all this search, I work at a company that produces video content for start-ups and technology companies. Although I was already in the framework and since I went to many workshops, career counselors, lectures and courses, I wanted to share what I know – and do not know about employment. I decided to produce the conference I wish I had then !! Something to give me direction, to talk about the burning issues of seeking employment in today’s changing world. Short lectures are not tedious and tedious. And, that it be accessible, speak to everyone, bind all unbound! And most importantly – free ๐Ÿ™‚

2. So who are the lecturers?

Dana and Noa Make Me a Career-

After a brief review of the challenges in the employment market, Dana and Noa will present to the listeners a very viable series of ways of coping with job search in our current generation. What opportunities must I jump on and not give up and what can be done to make my next job.

Nitzan Cohen Arazi – JOLT – “The School of the New World” –

Former director of the seed investment fund of Deutsche Telekom in Israel and manager of the Junction – the first Excelator in Israel. Today, Nitzan is a founding partner in Jollet, the New World School. Jolt was founded two years ago in Silicon Valley to create a 21st century learning experience. Launched the first campus in Tel Aviv two months ago, to which hundreds of community members who come every week to learn from the world’s leading experts who teach the most relevant topics in live video.

Avi Etzioni-

VP of Research and Development at Oribi. Avi began his professional career as a programmer over 14 years ago, during which he worked as a programmer for various companies, including VMware and later in Outbrain as head of development team. My father was dying for technology, but even more than that-for people. The wonderful connection between technology and people can be heard in his successful podcast of “uncultured developers.” During his career in development management, Avi read hundreds of CVs and interviewed dozens of candidates. He will tell you how it feels to sit on the interviewer’s side and what to do so that there is no doubt that you are the most suitable for the job.

Dr. Daniela Danor-

She is a doctor by education. She is currently an interior designer with an independent office, real estate and entrepreneurship, a full-time lecturer at the College of Management in the Department of Interior Design, and a guest lecturer in various fields including design, real estate, entrepreneurship and career management. What are the values โ€‹โ€‹of the “New World” and what can be taken from the “old world?” Is it important to study a degree today?

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