Thu 31 October 2019 - Sat 2 November 2019 | 12:00 am - 11:30 pm
Total Immersion Israel - Devora HaNevia 121, Tel Aviv,

A 3 day swimming experience, 10 km each day, starting in the Mediterranean and ending in the Red Sea. There will be 3 groups that will swim in 3 rhythms. You can swim in one, two or three.
This is a tradition at TI: September 2009 a small bunch of success Not a simple challenge – three days in three days. In 2009, 16 swimmers swam in total.

In 2010, 64 swimmers swam and since then we have won the Open Water Sports Wikipedia page: 3D3S and every year hundreds of swimmers participate. This October will be the tenth time we will hold the event!

Speed, pace, and more: The plan is to swim in a style called Expedition Swimming – one of the swimmers’ stickers, stop for scheduled breaks and drinks, and finish 3-4 hours later for a swim.
Subject to the number of registrants in each group, three groups are scheduled to swim: a

group that will swim at a rate of 15-18 minutes per mile.
A group that swims at 19-22 minutes per mile.
A group that swims at 24 minutes per mile.

Scheduled breaks: every 50 minutes.
The swimmer groups will be accompanied by escorts and kayaks.

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